Forward thinking CMS

Ben Brooks has a big list of things he wants for his ideal platform. I would like many of those items, but I would most like a simple interface that only loads the code needed for what I’m using on a particular page on the site.

I would pay for a platform like that.

  • He left out pony. It should definitely have a pony

  • That’s a pretty stupid list. He first says he wants simplicity, the then goes on to list features of most CMSes today, including everything but the kitchen sink. This exists today. Not sure what this guy is smoking.

  • this might be the dumbest thing i have read today. all of those things can be added to any number of the cms’ he listed, you just need to pay a professional to do so. this guy just wants it for free. get over yourself guy.

  • James Watson

    My favorite part is his closing sentence:

    “This should, and can, be easy to do — so where is it?”

    Sounds like someone who hasn’t actual coded anything, but expects he can wave his hands and “make it so”.

    I was with him and his feature requests until that last line.

  • yaz

    Virb? If I remember correctly, they have a pretty easy to use CMS that allows you to monetize it fairly quickly and easily.