BlackBerry asshats

BlackBerry’s CEO said handsets in the UK were selling out, but retailers say they aren’t sold out at all.


And then BlackBerry takes a page from Amazon with this statement:

“In Canada, yesterday was the best day ever for the first day of a launch of a new BlackBerry smartphone. In fact, it was more than 50% better than any other launch day in our history in Canada.

No numbers — 50% more than what? Did you sell six BlackBerry’s?

  • Yeah, I found that weird too. As much as I love Amazon, I realllllly wish they’d share numbers so to see BB make the same claims equally irks me. The same goes for Sammie.

    Do you think this is something new (a trend) companies are using to avoid looking bad against iPhone numbers or has this been going on for a while?

    • It’s definitely not new. MS has been using these aggressive marketing techniques forever (the idea seems to be that pretending demand will create demand). They have never really worked, all the products that have been hoorayed like that did not really benefit from it (e.g. original Xbox, Zune, Windows Phone 7, Palm Pre, PlayBook etc.). Apple is about the only big company that always puts concrete sales (not shipped) numbers into each and every press release.

      What is irritating is that BB feels the need to play this ploy when there is really no need to… Having just launched in the UK and Canada, there is nothing relevant to be reported anyhow. And reporting sell-outs when there are none (or only a few in isolated shops) is beyond stupid.

  • Could there be more equivocation in that? Best FIRST day of a LAUNCH of a NEW BlackBerry smartphone.

  • Doctorossi

    I like the fact that by saying something not only numerically vague, but as completely non-specific as “better than any other launch day”, they don’t even necessarily imply any sales numbers, let alone provide them. They could just be saying, “We liked the way the sun was shining yesterday, so it was a nice day.”

    • 8PAQ

      At least BB always gives numbers for the device sales during their quarterly earnings release. Unlike Samsung or Amazon.

      BB is simply trying to create some positive stories in the press so that this endless negativity perpetrated by blogs like this one finally stops. The real asshats are bloggers who keep posting negative stories about BB out of spite and as link bait.

      • I am an optimist so I trust what they are saying is true but I wish they provided a baseline/details.

      • Doctorossi

        “BB is simply trying to create some positive stories in the press so that this endless negativity perpetrated by blogs like this one finally stops.”

        Which would be fine, if they didn’t utterly deserve every column inch of it.

      • BB needs to actually have positive stories to tell first. Playing word games and hoping for good spin only works for the die-hard fans.

  • 8PAQ

    Good to see Jim is still crossing fingers and doing his best to make sure his fellow Canadian BlackBerry fails.

    Did they steal your dog sled in the past or something? Why are you always so much against them? They are obviously not a threat to Apple just like Sony or LG or HTC are not. So why pick on BB but ignore those other companies?

    • Buckeyestar

      On the contrary, I think he’d be happy to see them succeed. But that doesn’t mean they get a pass when spreading lies and giving vague sales data.

      • 8PAQ

        No I am pretty sure he is afraid of BB doing well so he can’t stomach seeing any positive stories about them. As a proof why did he only mention negative parts of Z10 BGR review in his podcast? Why not look at other Z10 reviews or even try the phone himself? Z10 might not be the greatest device out there but it is not total crap like he suggests. All I am saying there is clear and present negative bias in all he says about BB. I don’t get it because unlike say Samsung, BB is not a threat to Apple and they don’t steal from Apple.

        • Jim, et al, have never been shy about their bias on the site or the stories they report/link to.

          Note the name of the site and Apple’s address: 1 Infinite Loop

          You should expect bias.

          • 8PAQ

            I know that but why so anti BB? Like I said BB stopped being a real rival to Apple 3 years ago. It’s all about Samsung, Amazon and Google at this point. Also, I almost never see him trash talking HTC or LG or other minor players like he does BB. Btw I switched to iPhone from BB in 2008 and bought iPhone 3G, 4 (opening day) and 5 (opening day) so it’s not like I am CrackBerry member or anything like that.

          • From what I’ve learned of Jim, he speaks how he feels. If HTC or LG had relevant news, he’d post it.

            BB is the latest “iPhone killer” so he wrote about it. (all assumptions)

          • Mike S.

            The fact that BB is a competitor to Apple means Dalrymple hates them and in his mind all they make is crap that sucks balls. There is never a positive thing to say about an Apple competitor.

            Typical petty post.

          • They are in the Enterprise sector.

          • Canucker

            I’m also Canadian and would be happy to see Blackberry succeed.but this piece of shitty PR needed calling out. It is meaningless drivel and intended only to keep some level of attention. In this case, the company should have either kept quiet or released something substantive. It’s bull and they deserve being ridiculed for it (as would Apple if they did the same).

          • As tempting as it is to paint JD with your own resentful brush, that’s not exactly what’s happening here.

            Jim has explained this before. His publicly expressed feelings about RIM have a lot to do with the near-insane arrogance of a company’s management, once highly regarded with enormous pride by its countrymen (and rightfully so), which then proceeded to slowly dig itself a hole and blind itself with a stubborn, institutionalized belief in its own invincibility. For about half a decade.

            In 2007, the smartphone market was RIM’s to lose. But its co-CEOs not only couldn’t imagine anyone else’s smartphone technology outpacing theirs, they couldn’t imagine anyone else daring to try. Because, after all, consumer technology will stand perfectly still if you simply believe in yourself.

            Even after the iPhone debuted and resolved its initial problems, RIM’s leadership simply refused to believe that odd, keyboardless device was capable of doing all the things Apple claimed it could. And by the time they realized what was happening, RIM had already become the next IBM.

            And it isn’t as though nobody could see this coming. Astute market watchers like Asymco’s Horace Dediu were noticing RIM’s subscriber growth slowing in precisely the areas that Apple’s iPhone (and later—to a lesser degree—Samsung’s flavor of Android) were making inroads. The moment when smartphones became attractive to non-businesspeople was precisely the moment when Lazaridis and Balsillie should have realized they were no longer the industry leaders. But they were apparently incapable of this level of self-examination.

            So if i’d ever felt national pride in the accomplishments of a company like RIM, I’d certainly grow to resent the people who foolishly wasted all that goodwill. Not to mention employment power.

            You want a positive story about RIM? Go find the Globe and Mail archives from 2006. Shouldn’t take too long.

  • I just became 50% cooler.

  • lucascott

    Someone pulling a Samsung? Reporting sales into the channel with an implication it’s end user sales.