I don’t understand why this article was written

Mike Isaac and John Paczkowski wrote an article about how Apple forced Vine to have a 17+ rating. The reason for the rating is because it could show the user porn.

In other words, think of yourself as a teenager to Apple’s repressed mother — you hide your porn under your mattress. You don’t leave it out on the coffee table.

I don’t get the reason for the article. Besides taking an unnecessary swipe at Apple — actually several swipes — I don’t understand what their problem is.

  • Applying a rating is not “policing”. Enforcing usage rules based on ratings would be, and that’s left up to the owner of the device. And as for the “but Safari!” objections, well, parental controls can be used to disable Safari too.

    • lucascott

      As a potential developer I’m pleased to see this app get subjected to the same rules I would be. Nothing irks me more than the big boys getting to bend and break rules because they are the popular kids. Makes me happy that Apple isn’t playing that game.

      This app should have been 17+ from day one unless the company was hand vetting every video before it posted to make sure they were indeed kid friendly. Sure the grown ups like to cry censorship but no one is stopping them from downloading it so who cares about the rating when it comes to them.

  • shane

    Surely apple would be leaving themselves open to litigation if they did not age restrict access?

    • lucascott

      Possibly. But the fact that the parents are the ones that should be policing their kids tech would likely get them off the hook. Same as public libraries, which are not given in loco parentis authority, aren’t required to keep your kids from looking at the Joy of Sex when you dump them off alone.

  • C’mon. You know why. Because it has Apple in the headline, so it’ll get a ton of page views.

  • Because Apple is seen as applying its policy on apps that make adult content accessible at best inconsistently and if a company sets itself up as a gatekeeper, how well it keeps the gates is a valid subject for comment. Certainly didn’t help when Apple made Vine a highlighted app & Vine made a pr0n clip an editor’s pick…

  • I was happy it was bumped up to 17+.

  • Alan D.

    a) Page views. b) Free advertising for this service no one would have heard of otherwise.

  • dr.no

    because Apple could easily say that FoxNews with its adult content should be 17+.

    Any more questions?

    • I doubt adult geared news available for < 17 year olds is a big problem. 😉

  • Because most tech writers have the emotional development of a 17 year old?