The bizarre company at Macworld Expo

What an incredible story told by Lex Friedman. Especially this part when Lex was asking the guy at the booth some questions:

“I’m done talking to you,” he said, as he moved to position himself directly in front of my face. His expression had gone from brusque to combative. “Did you hear me? I’m done talking to you.”

I’ll tell you what — that wouldn’t have ended the way he anticipated if he did that to me.

  • Jeff Chamberlain

    That’s it? No more details or who is the company? WTF????

    • Jon

      uh….why don’t you click on the link provided

  • rwitt

    Being an entrepreneur is easier than ever. You can just buy OEM crap on Alibaba, claim it is your “prototype,” and reap dozens of glowing tech articles for a few months. Then you release on kickstarter, cash out, and move on to your next brilliant business venture.

  • Something tells me he would have taken a different approach with you, Jim.

    • He would have taken a different approach to anyone who stood up to him – like you do with people who try to bully you like this guy (successfully) did.