L.A Noire blooper reel

This is such a wonderfully weird video. It’s a pretty common thing to see on DVD – a blooper reel of actors messing up. What’s weird about it is that the bloopers are from the video game, L.A. Noire, and are motion captured.

  • MotionScanned, actually.. http://depthanalysis.com/motionscan/what-is-it/

    The game was just OK, but the facial animation was so good, you could read lips. One of the game mechanics (you’re a detective in 1940’s LA) is to select “truth, lie, or maybe” when the suspect/witness spoke. MotionScan made that possible – most of the time – by reading subtle facial expressions.

  • Steven Fisher

    I’ve seen this before with CGI. I think one of the Pixar movies and a couple of the Dreamworks movies have outtakes.

    But, of course, L.A. Noire with its amazing facial expressions pushes this far beyond that. I really want this game. I rented it for a week when it was a hot new release, and I was blown away by the facial expressions and body language.

  • Pretty damn good. In fact, it was so good, I think I recognized an actor playing one of the guys in prison.