Journalist says her tweets are not publishable

Clearly she didn’t understand “public.”

  • Boo

    Seems like she thought that because she holds the holy title of journalist, her magic words were somehow more special than the rest of Twitter’s users.

    That’s like someone getting bent out of shape because someone repeated a one-liner they said while in a pub. Its like a journalist asking for a comment and someone starting with “don’t quote me on this . . .” She clearly doesn’t grasp what the service is about.

  • r2shyyou

    Haha! Wow. The Poynter article is quite…awesome, especially the “Update” part at the end.

    In response to this post, yes, clearly she didn’t understand “public.” But I’d argue that it’s more than that; clearly she doesn’t understand “basically anything, ever.”

  • GTWilson

    Are the heads of most journalists filled with Cheese Whiz?