Blogger vs journalist

A New Jersey Superior Court judge recently ordered a blogger to defend her status as a journalist and explain why the state’s shield law applies to her in order to avoid revealing the names of government officials she accused of wrongdoing.

The never ending debate.

  • There are no journalists left.

    • There are, they just can’t make a very good living.

  • poritsky

    I hereby order New Jersey to defend its status as a state.

  • MrPhotoEd

    From the article “Prosecutors have argued that Renna cannot be defined as a journalist because she was involved in politics in the past and the blog is biased and often critical of the Union County government”

    Fox News or MSNBC anyone?

    • JDSoCal

      As opposed to the fair-and-balanced ABC CBS NBC NY Times WaPo LA Times? LOL.

      • MrPhotoEd

        True (LOL), I went for bizarre extreme on both sides. As a journalist, I wanted to be balanced and fair.