Microsoft to put $2 billion into Dell buyout

Microsoft Corp is expected to invest around $2 billion in the deal, while private equity firm Silver Lake is expected to put in about $1 billion, the source said. Michael Dell is expected to roll over his roughly 16 percent stake and put in some of his own money so he has control of the company, the source added.

  • Doctorossi


    First to drag out the “shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders” line.

    I win!

    • Aww, you beat me to it. So, instead, I’ll start the count of how often Dell is belittled for being saved by Microsoft, the way Apple is dinged by haters for being “saved” with $150 Million.

      • To be fair, Microsoft’s shares in Apple were non-voting shares, meaning that they had an investment in Apple without ever having control over it. In contrast, we’re talking about something quite different here.

  • cue a truly astounding The Laugh in 3… 2… 1…