iPhone survives 2000 foot drop

Chris Santacroce was paragliding Thursday in Draper near Lone Peak when his iPhone slipped out of his pocket and fell some 2000 feet to the ground.

He didn’t even know it. “I land and I’m checking my pockets. It’s not there,” he said.

Tough iPhone.

  • MrPhotoEd

    And thank goodness for snow. Had to help

  • BC2009

    From the video “not to make this a commercial for Apple….” — he references that Samsung and Droid have stuff you can put on them to locate them. Sure they do, but with Apple it is setup when you first turn on the phone and ready for you to use it.

    What I simply don’t get about this story is this: how on earth did that iPhone communicate with a cell tower to transmit its location? It seems near impossible that it would have been within cellular data range.