iPhone grabs global web usage lead from Nokia

According to the independent website analytics company StatCounter, Apple had a nice 25.86 percent of mobile Internet usage in January 2013. Although that was a decline of 2.81 percent compared to the same month in 2012, Nokia’s share in the same period fell from 37.67 percent to 22.15 percent, a significant decline.

  • BC2009

    If you include tablets, Apple really dominates. Worldwide, the cheap Android phone is king. If Apple wants to go for marketshare (something they never did with the Mac when Microsoft was on the rise), then they need to have a cheaper iPhone. Without subsidies, the iPhone is simply out of the price-range for most buyers internationally.

    I think that Apple needs to make a play for marketshare and not just profit-share. Certainly Mac is doing well today, but it is not 5x to 10x the price of a comparable PC like it was in 1992. Right now, Mac is a value-buy based on quality, but not cheap. iPhone is a bit pricey in unsubsidized markets and is creating a price umbrella for Samsung. It’s high-time Apple took that away. People will buy a slightly more expensive iPhone if it provides value. But the masses are not going to pay $650 to $900 for an unlocked/unsubsidized iPhone.

    • DanPierce

      I believe it was Steve Jobs who said Apple’s problem in the 1990’s was that they focused on making money and didn’t make the pivot toward gaining marketshare.

      Now, I don’t think they need to get to 90% marketshare. If they hold on to 40%-50%, they will be in a good position.

      • JohnDoey

        Apple has the one and only successful tablet PC. They have 100% market share in tablets. But because the tablet PC is replacing the low-end Windows PC, I-T analysts are pretending iPad is not a tablet PC, they count it as a big iPod and count it against other media players like Kindle and Samsung devices, which are not PC’s. Users can only be fooled once, which is why Kindle and Samsung have almost no repeat business. They have no PC class apps (full-size interface, native C/C++) so people have to also have a Windows PC.

        So market share is not a concern for iPad. It is replacing Windows right now, whether the PC/IT people want to admit it or not. Reality wins over the long term. In 5 years we will be talking about how iPad killed HP and Dell and Lenovo and nobody will remember iPad was “supposed” to compete with Kindle.

        In other words, look at PC market share to judge iPad, not the bogus and short-lived “tablet market share.”

        The more Windows systems that ship with touch, the more obvious this gets. But only 2% will ship with touch this year. Not enough to make Windows a successful tablet PC platform.

  • I wouldn’t say grabs. It is more like Nokia handed it to them! Wow! That’s a huge drop by Nokia.

  • JohnDoey

    Nokia sells more phones, but their Web browser is no good.