In-Home automatic hockey goal light


If you’re not a hockey fan, you may not know the red light’s iconic flashing, spinning glow and horn sound that accompany every goal.

The Budweiser Red Light works by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. After configuring the device with an Android or iPhone app to tell it what teams you are rooting for, it sits sleeping in your rec room. When a game is on, it wakes up and starts listening over the network for a score. When the puck goes in the net, the light goes crazy.

“We are not joking: It’s real, it works and you can buy it,” says the Budweiser Canada homepage.

Yes, it’s real – and every Canadian wants one!

  • I am boycotting Budweiser till they make this available in the US!

  • Buckeyestar

    I want one here in the States!

  • Steven Fisher

    I’m Canadian, and I don’t.

    …okay, I’m totally lying. I don’t just want one, I NEED one. But do I have to drink Budweiser to get one?

  • If only it wasn’t Bud.