How Monoprice is eating the tech world from the inside out

The minimalist web store has long since expanded to include more than just cables; today, it’s best described as an accessory shop. But in January, the company announced that it was taking a broad step into a new market: It was going to start selling big-ticket electronics under the Monoprice name.

I’ve sworn by Monoprice for years and recommend them anytime anyone asks me where to get cheap cables. Happy to see them expand their product line into electronics to give other e-tailers a run for the money.

  • KvH

    Counting the minutes ’til they have Lightning cables.

  • Pifman

    A great writeup on Monoprice giving Wacom a run for their money in the tablet department:

    CRAZY price difference.

  • Stiv

    Over the weekend I ordered a mono price Large Diaphragm Condenser Studio Recording Microphone with Matching Shock Mount for 75$. And they have great prices on audio cables like xlr.

    • I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on the microphone/mount.

  • Monoprice just phones the companies that are producing the cheap displays that are sold in South Korea and asks them to make them with “Monoprice” on the box. Those displays haven’t been talked about because they are so good, but because they are so cheap. Dust between glass and panel, panels that have been inserted slightly slanted etc.

    There’s a huge difference between cables (HDMI -> digital -> there’s no difference between cables as long as a cable isn’t so bad that a signal will get lost) and displays with all the possible problems like faulty pixels, clouding and backlight bleeding and then there’s the stuff that would drive anyone who buys Apple products because of their ease of use and thought put into them crazy, like cluttered on-screen-displays.

    Just remember the IKEA Uppleva!