Comments app for WordPress

Bored of getting your inbox filled with comments from your WordPress Blog? Want’s to see those comments in the Notification Center on your Mac? Wants to see how many unread (and total!) comments are on your blog at a glance? is your new friend, it’ll let you know, and one click later, you’re approving, marking as spam or replying.


  • I’d consider this if I had more than a dozen people reading my three or four posts per year.

    • Was about to post the same thing. Lol! (Except for that one time The Loop linked to one of my posts and I got thousands of views!).

  • The official and free WordPress app for iOS does all of this too. I use it on my iPad all the time:

    • Aetles

      I don’t think it integrate with Notification Center on your Mac…

      • It does not. It integrates with Notification Center on your iOS device. And saves you money.

        • Aetles

          I don’t think people who spend $20 on Tweetbot for Mac are unaware that there’s a free Twitter client for iOS – I think it’s because they want a good app for the Mac. So telling these people that they should save money by using an iOS app is missing the point.

          This one is for those who want Mountain Lion notifications and the other WordPress comment features on their Mac. No iOS app can do that.

          • “telling these people that they should save money by using an iOS app”

            You might want to reread what I wrote because I said no such thing. I’m pointing out there are other options. Stop looking for a fight.

          • Aetles

            Sorry if it came across that way, wasn’t looking for a fight. I was only trying to say that there’s a value in a Mac app being a Mac app, for some of us. However great the iOS alternatives are they don’t matter in that case and they can’t do “all of this too”.