All the 2013 Super Bowl spots in one place

Surrounded by overly excited family and friends might be great for watching football, but it’s not the best way to study Super Bowl ads. Did you really like — or hate — that one spot? How does it hold up in the glaring light of day? How do the ads stack up against one another? Here’s your chance to scrutinize all of them. Or just watch them a few more times.

AdAge has collected them all on one page. You’ll need Flash Player installed.

  • Buckeyestar

    Or you can watch them all via the USA Today app like I did on my iPad mini.

  • donarb

    That list shows SodaStream and I did see one of their ads. But it wasn’t the one that was supposedly banned. I wonder if CBS only banned a specific ad and still let SodaStream air an ad.

  • I find it pathetic that AdAge, a site/organization dedicated to ad agency people who for the most part use Apple products, creates a video gallery using Flash. Especially since they’re constantly publishing articles about how the industry has gone mobile.