Airline creates kid-free ‘Quiet Zones’

Beginning this week, under-12s are banned from the first seven rows of economy class on AirAsia X flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal.


  • gjgustav

    I can see under 6, but under 12? Come on. 6 – 12 year olds are glued to their iPods.

    • Agreed. Those kids can usually be “convinced” to sit quietly. I don’t understand why we can’t put babies in the overhead compartment. I mean…they’ll fit… 🙂

      • Steven Fisher

        I’m upvoting this for the first half of comment, not the second.

        (I’m lying. It’s totally for the second.)

    • E K

      If they are under 18 I dont want to see/hear them…

    • Steven Fisher

      Give my five year old an iPad and he’s dead to the world. But that’s been true since he was four.

      I don’t think age discrimination is helpful at all.

      Maybe we can reserve some “cattle class” space on each plane, and toss anyone overly annoying in there? I’d certainly like to toss Chronic Smoker Who Stinks And Is Jonesing, I Never Shower guy, Pee Every Two Minutes But Wanted A Window Seat guy, and Takes Three Seats Including Mine guy in there.

  • Works for me.

  • Daniel Bigler

    Come on… seriously? And you don’t consider this whole, crazy, prejudiced stunt an even greater display of selfish immaturity?

    Discriminating against a person — much less discriminating against an entire population group — based upon their age is, simply and without reservation, an incredible act of ignorance, malice, or both.

    This cannot be overstated: MATURITY AND AGE ARE NOT THE SAME THING. It is prejudiced and wrong to conflate the two, and you will find plenty of immature, noisy and disrespectful adults in the world (some of whom, I’d suspect, were involved in this), and you will find similarly find plenty of mature, quiet, and respectful children. You also needn’t search far to find historic examples of times when society has excluded a group of people based upon a qualifier like their race, class, ethnicity, or gender… so how is it that we don’t recognize this as the heinous act that it is, simply because it is now targeted toward young people?

    If these airlines wished to create “quiet” zones, that’d be great — wonderful even. Nothing wrong with doing that. But labeling them “child-free” zones as well? That’s simply unnecessary, fundamentally prejudiced, and an example of (incredibly stupid) flawed reasoning. (And who’s to say that a child might not want and deserve some quiet?)

    And to be plainly honest, I have to say that whenever I fly, I almost always find that the most loud and disruptive passengers on the plane are always adults — not kids. If you really want to ban someone from an area of the plane, don’t ban kids… ban salesmen! (KIDDING! Just kidding.) (But seriously, we should consider it.)

    • Steven Fisher

      As other prejudices fall out of style, it seems it’s becoming more and more acceptable to be prejudiced against parents and children.

      To those who think this is fine: Fuck you. Those kids will pay for the government to continue to function when you retire, if your hard, bitter and hateful heart doesn’t give out first.

      That said, this isn’t a problem until an airline refuses to seat kids because only rows 1-7 are available. Which will surely happen seconds after this policy takes effect.

  • gjgustav

    Do kids get a discount then? If kids pay full fair, which they do, then they should have access to the same seats as anyone else who pays for the same class.