Samsung buys stake in graphics tablet maker Wacom

According to a breaking news report from the Korean news agency Yonhap, Samsung has agreed to buy a 5% stake in the Japanese company Wacom.

In a somewhat rambling press release translated from Japanese, Wacom indicated that the $58.2 million deal was done to enable Samsung to incorporate Wacom’s own stylus technology into its smartphones and tablets. Some Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note tablet and the Note smartphone already include a stylus. Wacom makes digital tablets used by graphic designers and illustrators for direct pen input to a Mac or PC.

  • I’ve been using Wacom tablet for a while now and I can’t replace it with mouse etc.

    Although, I was hoping to see those pressure level enabled styluses on iPad, it’d be nice to see that on any tablet. I wish they don’t ruin it.

    • Lukas

      Yep, a pressure-sensitive pen with a small tip and wide app support is sorely missing on the iOS side. Looks like Samsung might be working on a tablet that works well for that kind of stuff on the Android side. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Great for Wacom.

  • pawhite524

    I am not technically sophisticated enough to know much about this but wished Apple had gotten into bed with Wacom first. I hope Apple is not wishing they had done this 1st.

    • Apple 2.0 doesn’t believe in the stylus.

      “… if you see a stylus, they blew it”

      • pawhite524

        I think that quote from Steve Jobs had to do with tablets that need a stylus. Artists using the iPad use a stylus for art applications not the general use of the iPad. It would be hard to believe Wacom “blew it” just as it is hard to believe the iPad Mini isn’t a success despite Steve Jobs’ stating Apple would never build a tablet with that form factor. Ford Motor Company makes the most popular pick up truck and has for decades. Ford would be out of business if it only made pick up trucks. Different horses for different courses applies here, too, no?

        • I am just saying that I’m sure Apple is not wishing they had done this 1st. Apple has been more than happy to let the 3rd parties continue to sell their solutions for this and will probably continue to feel that way.

          Why would “wacom blow it”? They have been in the drawing tablet/smart stylus for years. That is what their business is.

          Samsung is buying into Wacom because they need the tech for a smart stylus for their tablets/phablets. Samsung needs this tech because Microsoft already ships a smart stylus with the Surface.