CBS bans Super Bowl ad because it hits Coke and Pepsi

Seriously, CBS is just getting crazy.

  • Hypothesard

    Wait… Crazy CBS ?

    Isn’t that redundant [1]?

    I though CBS already stood for Crazy Bull Shit… O_o

    [1] redundant acronym syndrome

    A confused French…

  • sneakrcritiquer

    if i was CBS i’d just say we refused to run it cause its a terrible ad.

  • Boo

    Once again old media gets smacked down by new media. The funny thing is that this will generate more media coverage than even the far reach of a Super Bowl ad for Soda Stream.

    Its rather ridiculous how a company that will air political attack ads draws the line here. I think they are within their rights to choose not to air it just just as a magazine has the right to choose not to print an article or ad but it is a stupid and publicly damaging move, as it should be.

  • I sit here with my popcorn and have trouble believing that they’d so blatantly ignore any kind of journalistic standards over and over again.

  • Buckeyestar

    They should take it to other networks with a title at the beginning. “The ad CBS, Coke and Pepsi don’t want you to see.”

  • CapnVan

    Les Moonves and Sumner Redstone?

    It’s like a black hole of douche.

  • Digital Possibilities

    Can we all share this ad as much as possible to get around CBS?

  • It’s not a great ad, and hey, now maybe they are getting some publicity for free instead of spending $3 million or whatever the rate was.

    The real problem, as stated in that article, is what else is going on in CBS that we don’t hear about, if we are hearing about this and the CNET thing?