The new Line 6 guitar

With 29 incredibly detailed Variax instruments—plus the ability to virtually tune down a whole octave without impacting playability or intonation—JTV-89F shatters the limitations of traditional guitars. The Floyd Rose licensed double-locking tremolo system by Graph Tech, high-gain humbucking pickups and lightning-fast fretboard combine to make JTV-89F the perfect instrument for players of heavier, high-gain styles.

A modeling guitar with a Floyd Rose is very interesting.

  • It’s a Floyd Rose licensed tremelo system, not a real Floyd Rose. I actually took my 85 Kramer in for a set up today and the guitar tech noted that he’s never seen a licensed Floyd Rose that comes close to the one on my Kramer. FWIW.

    That being said this looks very intriguing. May have to check this out.

  • “From drop D to B-flat in less than a second.”

    I think that’s called “breaking your string.”