Apple dominates online video on demand

Daniel Eran Dilger:

Among these online movie rental competitors, Apple now takes 45 percent of unit share, followed by Amazon’s Instant Video with 18 percent, the Walmart-owned Vudo with 15 percent, Microsoft’s Zune/Xbox with 14 percent share, and other players (including Google Play and Sony’s PlayStation Store) splitting the remaining 8 percent (no other player can command more than a 5 percent share).

So basically there’s Apple and then everyone else fighting for second.

  • Domicinator

    We used to do Vudu on the PS3—until we got an Apple TV. So much easier to just click on the movie you want and hit ok. Steve Jobs once said something like the Apple TV is a DVD player for the internet—-I think he was wrong. I think it’s more like the DVR of the internet. It makes it WAY too easy to get the stuff you want.

  • And netflix is crushing all of them.

  • Everyone else is winning collectively with Apple slumped down in second place. This is just further proof Apple is in serious decline.

  • How about including multichannel providers’ VOD and Netflix

  • Player_16

    Can anyone describe the ‘4th’ monkey on the table in the background at the beginning?