Microsoft Surface allows people to create, unlike iPad

The iPad, for all its glory, suffers from one very distinct flaw: It’s very difficult to use for creation.


[Editor’s note: My apologies. I didn’t look at the date on this article when I posted it. It’s very old.]

  • nuttmedia

    Even beyond the false premise of his thesis, I have trouble getting past the Surface price points, particularly for the use cases he cites, versus even just a plain laptop, let alone a keyboard equipped iPad, or a MacBook Air.

  • What have all those artists and musicians been doing with their iPads? Playing games.

  • Except that countless people, including professional artists, use the iPad daily for creation and performance.

    Muse’s bass player has an iPad in his bass, for eff sakes.

    These articles and their “writers” are getting worse and worse.

  • Old Nic

    And Nick Bilton wonders why people think he’s an idiot who shits out articles that that don’t make any sense?

  • I can’t tell if he’s trolling, on the Microsoft payroll, or just a bit dim in the head… odds are in favour of the latter though.

  • GTWilson

    To be productive in this brave new word, you need to cram your mobile devices full of USB sticks, SD cards and other assorted bric-a-brac. Then you need to plant the device firmly on a table and pop out a kickstand.

  • SV650

    SIng along with me: “Do-in’ the Time Warp again…..” This article was written nearly 8 months ago, when all the Surface love was gushing about. Let’s have some currency guys!

    • Peter Cohen

      Aw, crap. I’m really sorry – I didn’t see the date when I posted this. It’s even embedded in the URL. I am ashamed. I’ve updated the article accordingly.

      • We forgive you, Peter.

      • BC2009

        Props to you for leaving the article up with an “Editors Note” rather than taking it down. When you make a mistake in journalism you simply leave your mistake for all to view but add the “I was wrong” or appropriate “strike-throughs” (unless of course you typo a word and turn it into a racial slur — covering those up are not bad with a proper editor note “racial slur typo removed”)

      • SV650

        No problem….; bet it’s a long time ’til it happens again!

      • No worries, especially with the editor’s note. Fairly easy to see how the mistake was made because of all the Surface Pro news being gushed around now. Same shit, different day.

  • CAugustin

    He says nearly nothing in the whole article. He declates that it is hard to create on an iPad and that writing on the screen is hard (I’m writing thousands of words on it, but I’m only one insignificant person compared to such a brilliant man), but that’s all. And he claims that the Surface (which one?) is better by having a Touch or Type cover and a pen, and some more connectors. Nothing new here.

    Now, it’s time to (reluctantly) return from the iPad to a 15″ workhorse …

  • Oldy but Goo… Nah. It’s terrible. But sadly, it’s the same crap we still hear today regarding the iPad’s usefulness.

  • No matter how old this article is, trotting out this painfully wrong argument is annoying to say the least.

    The example I can offer up today, is my researching and writing considerable parts of my M.A. thesis on my iPad 2.