Judge turns down Apple’s request to increase $1B verdict against Samsung

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose yesterday declined to increase the award after she found Samsung’s infringement wasn’t willful. The ruling was one of many post-trial decisions Koh issued yesterday denying both companies’ bids for a new trial and leaving largely untouched the jury’s finding in August that Samsung infringed six mobile-device patents.

Guess Apple will have to settle for $1.05 billion.

  • Waffle Sheriff

    Don’t forget folks – according to the Android fanatics Judge Koh is corrupt and hates Samsung/freedom which is why she would always side with Apple! Um. Wait…

  • MrPhotoEd

    How can it not be willful? Nobody can be that stupid to accidentally infringe on patents and still be in business. Yes, I can see obscure patents that patent trolls have laying around to attack the unwary, but come on folks.

    Just a thought

    • Tvaddic

      I may be off base here, and I will admit I don’t have an sort of law degree. But I think it wasn’t proven that they willingly copied the parents, they could of copied the phone willingly, but not necessarily the patents, they didn’t know Apple had the patents.

      • MrPhotoEd

        That could very well be true, but, with Steve Jobs publicly stating that the had patented the heck out of the iPhone, they should have done a search on what was patented. In this case they thought it was cheaper and easier to ask for forgiveness than search. Boy were they wrong.

  • Tvaddic

    Bwhahahaha the morning before Rim’s unveiling, and people are still talking about Apple and Samsung!!!