iPhone users rack up the highest carrier bills

According to new data shared with AllThingsD by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the average monthly carrier bill of the typical iPhone user is the highest in the smartphone market. iPhone owners spend more on wireless fees than owners of any other handset, be they Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

CIRP also points out that carriers “are working hard to make their money back” because of high subsidies on the iPhone.

T-Mobile aims to buck that trend by doing away with phone subsidies this year, and other U.S. carriers are weighing their options too.

  • Adam

    Or, switch to an MVNO and save a bunch. I’m paying $45/month now with Straight Talk for “unlimited” everything. For people who don’t need much data, there are even cheaper options with carriers like Airvoice Wireless and PlatinumTel. Granted, these only offer HSPA+ (not LTE) but that’s not a dealbreaker for me.

  • Walt French

    “Carriers ‘are working hard to make their money back’ because of high subsidies on the iPhone.

    Heh, that’s one way to put it. Here’s another: “Carriers are pushing iPhones like crazy because they cover their up-front with just 4 months of their typical users’ usage.” Plus, there’s a very low churn rate for these customers because they really loves them databits.

    There are very few business opportunities to predictably get your up-front plus 5 times more, back in just two years. Now, it’s probably not ACTUALLY that good, and if they sold ONLY iPhones, the more cost-sensitive would bring down that average.

    But the carriers are crying all the way to the bank on this one. CIRP, if they aren’t just a feel-good “consultant” to the carriers, might make note of how much carriers charge for the privilege of using their networks.

    • JDSoCal

      And the best part is when the greedy bastards try to sell me some junky Android at the end of my iPhone contract. No, I didn’t get an iPhone to get on your network. I got on your network to get an iPhone.