“At Apple launch events, the only star is the iPhone”


  • Kabukiman

    …and the Foo Fighters

    • gjgustav

      the Foo Fighters weren’t given a fake job with a canned script. They just played out the event.

    • imthedude

      The music afterwards is for enjoyment of those present, to give it a festive feel. They don’t bring a band on stage to talk about products, and more so they don’t offer them positions within the company. Dave Grohl is the new creative director at Apple!

      I won’t even point out the link where Alicia Keys said she was loving her iPhone and couldn’t put it down like 2 weeks ago on Google+.

  • Moses Kay

    And John Mayer…

  • foo fighters were about 1/3 of the iphone 5 announcement.


  • Difference is that Tim Cook didn’t make Dave Grohl “Creative Director” at Apple…

  • Ehhh…I say not. They bring celebs out a lot. I’ve heard them talk about how they like the devices too.

    BB formalized it quite a bit though with her in an official spot to speak but the headline is far from true.

  • Tvaddic

    Apple brought musical guests, and CEOs of other companies out in the past.

    • imthedude

      Which CEO or Musical guest helped Jobs announce a device? Not appeared at a keynote talking about working with apple, or providing the entertainment.

      • No one did that for BB either. She came on after the announcements and talked about her position and why she’s back on BB. No announcing happened from Alicia.

  • Eric Hand

    U2 iPod. Enough Said.

  • I agree with Om Malik. Using celebrities to introduce products takes the spotlight away from the thing you’re actually introducing. It feels like it belongs in the last decade. It also gives the impression that you don’t have enough confidence in your product.