Apple trademarks store design

Apple has been granted a service mark in the U.S. for the design and layout of its retail store, reflecting the company’s interest to protect the design of its popular stores from copycat retailers.

Ribeiro brings up China copycat retailers, which aren’t going to be affected by this – this is a U.S. trademark, after all. But China isn’t the only place where Apple’s store design gets imitated – one of the authorized Apple resellers in my area copies the Apple Store pretty closely, right down to colored t-shirts for their employees.

  • Uli Kusterer

    Actually, as I heard from an authorized reseller in Germany, Apple actually prescribed to them what make of shelf, floor tiling etc. stores should use. So my guess is that’s not actually affected by this trademark either.

  • How will this affect Microsoft’s stores?

  • Now this can/will get interesting. Especially in context of the Samsung and Microsoft stores that tend to be within close proximity to Apple stores.

  • poopstech

    I wonder if Apple has yet patented Tim Cooks underwear design?