Virgin starts charging for Tube Wi-Fi in London today

Today’s the day that your cost-free tweeting about red signals comes to end, as Virgin Media begins charging for its WiFi service on the London Underground.

Virgin Media, Vodafone, EE, T-Mobile and Orange customers can stay connected for free; everyone else pays for the privilege using daily, weekly or monthly rates.

  • Bassano

    Service isn’t bad but it’s at station platforms only, not in tunnels so is a rather stop’n’go affair. Can’t see too many willing to pay for it, to be honest

    • I’ve ridden the Tube. It was usually too crowded for me to do very much more than wish the guy in my face had used deodorant.

    • Mike

      Agreed. The tube service is usually decent enough that by the time you’ve loaded up Safari so that it can take you to their Virgin Wifi splash page before you’re actually allowed to be properly connected you’re already on the train and away anyway.