Trombone quartet covers ‘Carry On Wayward Son’

I saw this on Fail Blog this morning and had to post it here. Great for fans of the band Kansas and the TV show “Supernatural.”

  • Fantastic.

  • pawhite524

    If Jim switches to trombone from guitar I’m not sure the trombone will show through the beard causing people to say, “Why is that man holding his left arm up and waving his right arm like that and where is that music coming from?”

    Can someone explain how the single trombonist got his to sound like an electric guitar?

    And, thanks for this post. As Moeskido noted, “Fantastic!”

    • AirSpencer

      I know nothing about music production, but I’d imagine the big honking microphone in the bell serves as a MIDI controller or something and it’s a software guitar.

      • pawhite524

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. I, too, know just about nothing about music production but your theory sounds right on the money. Way cool to this set of ears.

        • Brain

          Nope. It’s actually a mute for practicing silently – it has a headphone output. He ingeniously plugged it into a guitar pedalboard. All analog…no MIDI.

          • pawhite524

            Brian, thanks for taking the time to reply. Your explanation of “All analog…no MIDI”, is way cool for me. No disrespect to tech but analog to me means carving a wood sculpture with one’s hands not putting it into a jig for a laser to cut into the same form via computer commands. I salute the analog in this case.

          • Midge

            How could one do this through the computer with one of the Yamaha Silent Brass attachments? (what was used in the video)

  • bflatkat

    Absolutely fabulous!

  • Docentdi

    Loved it!