Apple confirms new 128GB iPad coming next week

Apple on Tuesday announced plans to introduce a new fourth-generation iPad model with 128GB of storage, twice the capacity of its previous high end model. The new version goes on sale Feburary 5, 2013 for $799 for Wi-Fi only and $929 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Besides the additional storage capacity, the iPad is a standard fourth-generation model. It comes equipped with a 9.7-inch “Retina” display with 2048×1536 pixel resolution. Under the hood is Apple’s A6X dual-core microprocessor, with quad-core graphics. The iPad comes with front and rear-facing cameras and a Lightning connector.

The 128GB model will be available for $100 more than the 64GB model, which will remain in production.

  • Buckeyestar

    I hope this means that the next time iPads are refreshed we might see 32GB as the base model.

    • At $499, that’d be pretty sweet.

    • tylernol

      I think it was rumored that 16GB was going to be dropped last fall, I think it is a safe bet to assume 32GB will become the base next refresh. 32GB is already getting hard to manage, I can only imagine how frustrating 16GB might be — I have a 32GB iPad Mini and I am always having to delete/add apps and media. Add a couple of large games and Apps like Infinity Blade and Bastion and you have taken a big chunk out of your memory.

      • DT

        Yeah, 16GB devices officially became a “no go” around here. My wife’s previous iPhone (16GB) was a constant management hassle (it’s now been relegated to an iOS dev test device 🙂 )

  • JohnDoey

    That is a cavernous amount of storage for iOS. This is great for people who use iPad as their main PC. Nice match for the Apogee Duet that works with iPad.

    • It probably won’t seem that huge in a couple of years’ time when you’re using your iPad to stream 4K movies and TV shows to your Apple TV.

      • ATV just got 1080p. Don’t expect 4k anywhere near a “couple years”, especially since it won’t be mainstream (price wise) for many years to come.

  • I wonder how heavy it’ll be.

    The pricing takes me back to the post about the Surface RT. 😉 This is almost an MB Air.

  • So interesting that Apple’s pricing for memory is purely based on what the buyers will accept/business strategy (sorry don’t know the right term!) as opposed to a reflection of the cost/quantity. First upgrade from 16GB to 32GB costs $100 for another 16GB, whereas final upgrade from 64GB to 128GB costs the same – $100.

    • Kriztyan

      When you think of it, almost everything is priced that way.

  • 6StringGoofball


    • A yawn is a sure sign of a lack of oxygen getting to the brain.