Google to push for government email surveillance reform

Eric Engleman, Bloomberg:

Google officials say changes in the [Electronic Communications Privacy Act] are needed to prevent law enforcement from obtaining certain e-mails and other content without search warrants, and to give documents stored on cloud services the same legal protections as paper documents stored in a desk drawer. Cloud services, which didn’t exist when the privacy law was passed, let users store and process data on remote servers via the Internet.

Good for Google for trying to hold together the tattered remains of the Fourth Amendment.

  • pawhite524

    I hope this is more than chin music by Google. Unless they have “skin” in this game this could be PR as much as anything. Now if they don’t want law enforcement seeing just what Google has accumulated on us and what they do it with then the enemy of my enemy looks a little more friendly. Five years ago I would not have been suspicious of Google. Google has changed all that with some pretty sleazy moves and that idiot Schmidt way too far from his village.

    • Exactly – Google are playing a game. They are attempting to shift the focus to the behaviour of government to cover up their own shifty privacy practices. The reason government head to Google for information is because they know how much information Google collects about web users.

      • pawhite524

        Amen to that. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.

  • Dont pay attention over here where we store illegally captured information by driving passed people with our google maps car ( And please don’t pay attention to this small incident of us intentionally bypassing user set browser preference to gain access to user data (

    Google only likes the Fourth Amendment when it doesn’t benefit them.