Barnes & Noble to close 200 stores

Laura Hazard Owen,

Barnes & Noble plans to close about twenty retail stores a year over the next ten years, the company’s retail CEO Marshall Klipper told the Wall Street Journal.

Up until 2009, Barnes & Noble was expanding at a rate of about 30 stores a year. Looks like more and more people are buying books from Amazon (and, presumably, e-books).

  • Last time I was in a B&N, 30% of the floor-space was a coffee-shop. Guess reality caught up with them.

    • A Kindle with a built in coffee maker would be cool.

  • I don’t buy my e-books from Amazon, mainly because I don’t like their predatory practices. When I do get something from them, it it mainly because I can’t find it locally.

    One of B&N’s biggest problems is that the only way I can support my local store when I purchase an e-book, is to get a gift card from the local store and then redeem it online. Not efficient.

  • tylernol

    I think what will happen with book stores is what has happened with record stores. The big ones will fold up and go away, and the niche stores will thrive. For example in Austin, Waterloo Records, and End of an Ear, amongst others do a solid business catering to independent music and vinyl fans. The book stores that seem to be doing well in Austin are Book People and Austin Books and Comics, Book People by doing more community events and appealing to the die-hard paper flippers, and Austin Comics by offering a staggering selection of comics and toys.

  • The heading says 200, while the quote says 20. Which one is correct?

    • Joe

      20 stores / year * 10 years = 200 stores.

      (They’re both correct.)