Apple TV updated

Apple updated its Apple TV software on Monday adding a number of new features.

Among the changes in the latest software update is support for Bluetooth keyboards, something many users have been asking for with the Apple TV. The update also added the “Up Next” feature found in iTunes and the ability to browse and play all purchased music.

One major feature added to Apple TV is iTunes in the Cloud. This was previously available to users that purchased iTunes Match.

You can download the update on your Apple TV by going to Settings > General > Update Software.

  • Ima hold my breath until they add Safari

  • Glad to see iTunes in the Cloud support. I never understood why I could access my purchased music on my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone, but not on my Apple TV. I guess these things just take time.

    Also glad to see Airplay has been tweaked, though what that amounts to remains to be seen. Airplay on my Apple TV2 is not very good.

  • Adiel

    Apple TV updates take forerver to finish.

  • MichaelC

    Warning to those who use the Remote app on an iPad to control an Apple TV 2 or 3: Apple TV update 5.2 causes the Remote app to be unable to connect to the Apple TV. The Remote app on an iPhone or iPod touch does connect, however, with the 5.2 update.