Take Control of iTunes 11

iTunes 11 introduced some interface changes that longtime users, myself included, found very jarring. Kirk McElhearn has updated his “Take Control of iTunes” e-book with new content about iTunes 11.

  • Thanks for the plug!

  • First of all – Great e-book. The problem is that you NEED to read a manual or ebook to begin with. iTunes has become Frankenstein’s Monster. I’m surprised Apple didn’t cram the Mac App Store into iTunes. I’m surprised they didn’t jam iPhoto and Calendar in there, too.

    The biggest need for improvement is in how Apple handles ebooks. If you buy an ebook from Apple, it goes into iTunes and you can’t read it on your Mac. In what universe does that make any sense??? I buy ebooks from Amazon, and with the Kindle software I can read my ebooks on my Mac, on a Windows PC, on my iPhone, on my iPads, anywhere. And if I were to get one of those low end cheap Kindles, say, as a prize in a box of Cocoa Puffs, I could even read my ebooks on that.

    Um… Not that I ever use a PC voluntarily.

    Jim, I’d love to hear your take on how badly Apple has botched ebooks. Should they maybe just concede the market altogether? Should iTunes get a “Book Reader” app jammed into it, or should Apple build a dedicated eBook Reader that worked with iTunes? As it is I will never buy another ebook from Apple and I encourage everyone I know to use Amazon instead, which is what everyone is already doing.