‘Why I dread going to the Apple Store’

By now you’ve probably figured out that most of my problems with the Apple Store can be traced to a general distaste for my fellow man.

This is a problem for me too. Also, pants.

  • I also dislike pants, but the local authorities assure me that I should wear them whenever possible.

    • lucascott

      Utility kilt my friend. You can cover it and air it at the same time

  • If Apple made pants, we would all love to wear them and actually get excited about buying them. …and that must be what it’s like to be a woman.

    • Peter Cohen

      Comment of the day. I’m calling it right here.

    • lucascott

      Actually I read just the other day in this website that Apple is releasing pants this year.

      And we all know if its one the web it’s true

  • John David

    What are these “Pants” that you speak of? Never heard of them before.

  • I had similar experiences to this at the Regent Street Apple Store when I lived in London back in ’05-’06. Getting to see a Genius took forever, the crowds were thick, the display units always occupied, and it was hard to flag down a staff member. And Apple wasn’t nearly as popular then as it is today.

    Still, there was always something kinda nice about being there. And I’d love to have an Apple store in my town. Funny that.

    • Peter Cohen

      We have pretend Apple stores from independent resellers. It’s like not being able to afford a good Mexican restaurant and ending up at Del Taco instead.

      • Yeah we sort of have the CompUSA thing going here at Best Buy and Futureshop with the store-within-the-store concept, only they are nicely arranged and well lit and right out in the open – like a proud feature of the store. It sort of has a subtle Apple Store feel to it, like an oasis within an otherwise dire department store, but you’re still dealing with non-Apple employees who will lie (and have on several occasions) to try and make a sale.

  • While I too subscribe to Jean-Paul Sartre’s “hell is other people” motto, McNulty sounds just a bit like he’s trying to stir up some mud.

    The Apple Store customer demographic varies a bit by location. Not all stores are chock-full of exactly the same variety of human flotsam.

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the crowds, but I’ve rarely had any difficulty getting fairly quick help from employees in SoHo, Fifth Avenue, 14th Street, Prince Street, Grand Central Terminal (NYC) and Menlo Park Mall (NJ). Even at the 14th Street store—populated almost exclusively by affluent young Manhattanite millennials—I was assisted with courtesy and alacrity.

    Also, I had a CompUSA near where I lived in Queens, NY. The Apple section within was eventually staffed by a very helpful young man who tried to provide good service and advice. But he was indeed a rarity for the chain.

    • I agree. This is has more to do with misanthropy than anything.

      We didn’t have CompUSAs, we had CompuSmart, which in the late 90s had stores within stores for the iMacs and G3 Bondi PowerMacs, staffed by actual Mac people. It made me hate the FutureShops that much more.

      • Peter Cohen

        “This is has more to do with misanthropy than anything.” We at the Loop endorse misanthropic behavior.


  • I avoid the Apple Stores at all costs. Too crowded, not enough help, too difficult to pay for something, and the floor staff are only a step above my 5-year old son with knowledge about the products they sell—instead they’re focused on chatting you up and trying to be your buddy. I’m not talking about the Genius workers, but the people out on the sales floor that are doing the actual selling. They’re almost as bad as the old CompUSA folks.

    Since they don’t really sell much beyond Apple hardware and iPhone cases anymore, there’s little reason for me to go in there. You can find everything they sell in an Apple Store somewhere else, and 99% of the time you can find it cheaper and without the hassle.

    I used to love the Apple Stores. But their own success has been their own worst enemy.

  • “Why I dread going to the Apple Store” Alternate title: “Why doesn’t the Apple Store cater to ME AND MY NEEDS ALONE!!??”

    • lucascott

      For most its not just the Stores. It’s everything Apple makes as well.

  • jacksonsquire

    At least he has one to go to. Nearest one to me is 200 miles away, and there’s 3 universities around me. You’d think there’d be one relatively close by.

    To me it sounds like he’s griping about a diamond’s falling out of his rolex both because he’s griping about something many don’t even have access to and because he’s griping about crowds of people in a store. That’s like griping about trees in a forest.