Sound Control 6: My favorite product at NAMM

Every year I walk away from NAMM with a product I felt was the best at the show — I saw that today. It’s called the Sound Control 6 from DiabloFX.

Digital stompboxes that model effects are great for guitar players, but many guitarists would rather use their traditional analog gear. Sound Control allows you to use your analog pedals, but you can also make presets and activate them wirelessly with the foot switch.

Basically, you put up to 6 analog pedals in Sound Control and connect them to the unit. Each preset (a total of four) has an on and off switch for each pedal connected. On Preset “A” you want an Overdrive and Chorus pedal, you flip the switch for those. From that point on when you stomp on preset “A” your pedal choice will be activated. You choose your pedals like that for each of the presets and you’re done.

This is a very cool piece of hardware and something I have to get.