“A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day”

The lesson for you kids out there? DON’T PUSH THE RED BUTTON!

  • …and that was just the yellow one. You do NOT want to know what happened if they chose blue. Some things are best left unsaid.

  • Like Improv Everywhere, but with firearms and flak jackets.

  • Steven Fisher

    Are you kidding? I’m pushing every button I see from now on. So awesome.

  • Ruth

    Here is the previous one on the same theme, but in Belgium, which just makes it better – ’cause it is of the more boring places on earth =P

  • Mr. Bee

    I like these things, but someone is so totally going to get hurt during one of them soon and then it will all be over and everyone will claim to not have liked them from the start. 🙂

  • grimatongueworm

    Couldn’t have that gun play in the streets of the US as some gun-toting lawman wannabe would whip out his Glock (that he only uses for hunting) and unload 15 live rounds into somebody. And, we have enough gun play on the streets already.