The stupidest thing ever written about the MacBook Air

Matt Burns, TechCrunch:

The $999 11-inch MacBook Air is Apple’s low-end device. Like the Surface RT, it offers just enough power to get by and nothing more. I wouldn’t recommend the base Air model for anyone that wants to venture outside of iPhoto or the web browser. It’s not a work machine; the $999 MacBook Air is a Facebook machine.

  • wow.

    Guess I’m not a real worker.

  • That might be the most ignorant thing I have read today.

  • tylernol

    people are not “pissed off” by the Surface Pro. They are pissed off by how successful Apple is. The Surface Pro? Noone gives a fuck about it.

  • I’m making a Unity 3D game. On my mac book Air I have Unity and Photoshop running, along with a dozen or so other development tools. This is of course on both an Apple Thunderbolt display and the laptop. And this isn’t an indie operation, but a major multi national company.

    • bunnyhero

      i know so many devs whose main work machine is a macbook air (myself included).

  • Harve

    The caption to the picture directly above the quoted paragraph:

    “Spec for spec, the Surface Pro actually stacks up nicely against the MacBook Air. They’re about the same price and minus the touchscreen bits, they have about the same computing hardware. But they have different motives.”

    And the paragraph after the quoted paragraph:

    “Microsoft built the Surface Pro for a different market. It’s not a base model. This is a serious machine aimed at the prosumer or enthusiast. This is the model that you buy if you want to get work done. With a price around a grand, it’s competing against similar Windows Ultrabooks or monster desktop replacement notebooks.”

    Wait, What?

    • Dont forget the bit where he then says the base MacBook Air is a “Facebook machine”, yet is identical to his “serious machine aimed at prosumers”.

    • Nice catch. Not only doesn’t he know what he’s writing about, he doesn’t even know that he isn’t being consistent with what he himself wrote in the same damn article.

  • PetieG

    Yeah, and the Surface Pro is better? Seriously? Ridiculous statement… They almost the same specs! This also depends on what you do for work, no?

  • crateish

    TechCrunch is shooting for Mashable status these days.

    • Valentin

      Well put.

  • Gandhi

    Since the release of the iPhone in 2007, and the rise of Apple because of the iPhone’s success, the tech pundit’s world view has essentially been shattered. They just can bring themselves to admit that Apple is right, and pretty much the rest of the industry is wrong. They kept up hope that the iPod success was just a fluke, an anomaly. The iPhone and iPad pretty much destroyed any notion that these pundits were right.

  • It was my primary machine as an iOS developer for years…how ignorant.

  • Wow, has that guy even used a properly working one? Even the first 11 incher was enough for me to use as an on the road photography work station.

  • That idiot wrote that you could play most highend games on the Surface Pro o.O

    That device has an Intel HD 4000 GPU, which is less shitty than the earlier integrated GPUs, but far from capable of running high end games.

    Far Cry 3, which is mentioned in that article, requires much more power to run in the native resolution of the Surface Pro.

    And of course, Surface Pro and the Mac Book Air models share the same CPU/GPU combo, maybe with slightly different clockspeeds.

    If you were running Windows on a MBA 11″, Far Cry 3 would run just as good/bad as on the Surface Pro and much better if you’re using the native resolution on both devices.

    That dude has no freakin clue what he’s talking about.

  • Ben Randolph

    If the MacBook Air is a Facebook machine, what does that make the ipad?

    • DT

      I guess it’s an electronic Etch-a-Sketch …

      One of our devs is writing code on an 11″ Air (connected to a 27″ TBD 🙂 ), I’ll have to tell him he needs to knock off the professional development and stick with just posting cat pics on Facebook 😀

  • Domicinator

    It’s fashionable to shit talk Apple now, so anyone will say anything for the clicks and ad revenue. And no matter how good the earnings are tonight, there will be an avalanche of FUD from all the usual suspects. 80 gazillion iPhones sold? We were expecting 81 gazillion! And some guy from China just called me and said that the iPad Mini is made out of dead babies!!!! SELL SELL SELL SELL!

  • I really laughed my way through this. Oh dear.

  • “The $999 MacBook Air is a Facebook machine.” I have owned and worked on a lot of computers, both pc’s and Macs, and I can honnestly say: that 11-inch Air is perhaps the most impressive machine that entered the house. It is that good.

  • JohnDoey

    Even iPad mini is more than a Facebook machine.

    Dude is trying to make Microsoft’s case that Surface RT is not an iPad competitor that is 2x the iPad price, but rather a MacBook Air competitor that is 2/3rd the price. Ridiculous.

  • samrzrkat

    Matt has obviously never used iPhoto: that app can beach ball the Cray XK7 at Oak Ridge, let alone the base spec MacBook Air. iPhoto is the devil.

  • I’m sorry, TechCrunch, I can’t hear you over the dozen or so apps and quadrillion browser tabs I have running now on my Facebook machine.

  • pawhite524

    Just goes to prove what Mark Twain (I believe) said over 100 years ago, “You cannot outlaw stupidity.”

  • What an idiot.

    Someone needs to explain to him that any low end computer from the last few years, particularly one with an SSD, is enough for almost anything most people do these days, short of serious gaming.

  • I’ve just come to expect this sort of shoddy reporting from the “tech news industry” over the past few years. I’ve grown more and more tired of their opinions, reviews, and thoughts and just decided that the only way I can recommend a product anymore is by owning it myself so that I can tell the person, honestly, what will and will not work.

    Anything else is just folly and stupidity.