Surface Pro pricing


  • Buy a MacBook Air and save $130 if you buy thru some of the popular resellers.

  • “But… tablet! Click! PowerPoint!!”

  • Da fuq were they thinking?

  • pawhite524

    A number of blogs now have spec comparisons of the Surface Pro with the MBA 11.6″. I have one note and one question: 1. They give a weight of 2 lbs for the Surface Pro vs 2.2 lbs for the MBA. However, this is the Surface Pro wt without the keyboard which is included in the pricing aspect of the Surface Pro vs. the MBA. Regardless of the keyboard chosen, the Surface Pro weighs more than than the MBA. 2. What is the penalty to the gigabytes of storage for the Surface Pro with the full Win 8 OS if the Surface RT’s penalty to available storage was alleged to be 16 GB? If it is 16 GB or more for the Surface Pro then MS’s 64 GB Surface Pro is 25 to 30% less than that figure pretty much requiring prospective buyers get the 128 GB model, no? That means the price comparison is even more in favor of the MBA 64 GB model I reckon…


    What is there to understand. Do you expect Microsoft to take 5% margin on Surface that PC manufactures do with PCs.

    That is the only way Microsoft can undercut Apple.

    Microsoft is trying to build a premium product to undercut Apple otherwise people will just buy a Dell at 40% off sale.