Apple reports record revenue and record $13.1 billion profit

Apple on Wednesday said it had record revenue of $54.5 billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion for its fiscal 2013 first quarter.

The company sold a record 47.8 million iPhones in the quarter, compared to 37 million in the year-ago quarter. Apple also sold a record 22.9 million iPads during the quarter, compared to 15.4 million in the year-ago quarter.

Apple sold 4.1 million Macs, compared to 5.2 million in the year-ago quarter and it also sold 12.7 million iPods in the quarter, compared to 15.4 million in the year-ago quarter.

International sales accounted for 61 percent of the quarter’s revenue, according to the information released today.

“We’re very confident in our product pipeline as we continue to focus on innovation and making the best products in the world,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

  • Clearly Apple is doomed.

  • I’m kind of surprised revenue is up so much from previous-year quarter when profit is pretty flat.

    I’m guessing that’s due to the presumably lower-margin iPad Mini. We’ll see what Apple’s gross margin turns out to be shortly.

    • Apple says, “Gross margin was 38.6 percent compared to 44.7 percent in the year-ago quarter. “

      • There’s your answer.

        It really is a case of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. If Apple would have kept their gross margin higher by raising the iPad mini’s selling price and foregone market share, people would be howling about market share.

        They cut their margins to put out maybe the purest tablet device ever shipped and now people howl about gross margin and profit.

        It doesn’t matter what Apple does, it will never be enough.

    • JohnDoey

      Profit is up, it is not flat. You are dismissing billions of dollars in profit growth.

      iPad mini is extremely profitable. It is made out of existing parts from previous iOS devices. It is only $70 less than iPad 2.

      Concern trolling Apple and iPad mini is absurd when we are about to lose Sony, Nokia, Dell, and HP — all are going out of business. Sony has not made a profit since iPhone shipped.

    • With all new products the expectation should be for lower margins. As they work out the process the margins will increase. That they maintained profit is good and the high revenue can be used to look at future growth

    • profit is pretty flat

      Within the context of Apple’s enormous profits, sure. But Google didn’t make as much profit in 4 quarters as Apple just made in one quarter. Only where Apple is concerned does a 700 million dollar increase in profit seem “flat”.And Amzon threw a 250 million dollar loss. That 700 million dollars would be a very big deal in any other companies numbers.

      • Tvaddic

        Yeah, but Google gives their employees free lunch, massages and dog walks. They are testing self driving cars, and talking about elevators to the moon. And in addition to that, launched a gigabit internet connection, and tv service for $120. And test a being a phone carrier. Google doesn’t worry about profits.

        • That’s all fine and good. Google also doesn’t sell much of anything. They are still primarily an advertiser, even with all of the accolades you harp on above.

        • Google doesn’t worry about profits.

          Nonsense. A company that doesn’t “worry” about profits won’t be a company for very long.

          • Tvaddic

            Let me rephrase that, Google appears to be a bunch of smart people trying experiments, they see a problem try to fix it, and then think of a way to make a profit later.

          • So you’re saying they can’t figure out what they want to do when they grow up? 😉

  • Canucker

    This company is doomed, I tell you, doomed* (with respect to Dad’s Army).

    *To make profits

  • phoo

    And how much of the world’s unsustainable resources were squandered so that a few could make buck?

    • Canucker

      Er…. that is how the world works (excepting North Korea, might want to check it out!). Perhaps you typed that comment with a keyboard may of hemp?

    • gjgustav

      Like those used to make the computer you typed your comment on?

      • phoo

        Sure. Sure. I guess you’re American?

        • gjgustav

          Nope, but not really relevant here.

          • phoo


        • What does being an American have to do with anything? Don’t let this slide into a (pointless) political discussion.

        • Essentially, you just put down the people of two continents. Good job!

    • JohnDoey

      That is absurd. Apple essentially makes printing presses and books — hardly a leech on society. People are designing energy efficient light bulbs, better batteries, and cures for cancer using Apple products.

      • phoo

        Sure. Sure. Believe it. You can sleep now.

        • Dude, get off the internet, you’re wasting our unsustainable resources! 😉

        • Who made your computer? Who made your phone?

    • Please go away.

    • MacsenMcBain

      Hmm… Respond to troll? Ignore troll? Respond to troll? Ignore troll? Respond to troll? Ignore troll? Decisions, decisions…

      Personally, I have no idea what resources he’s talking about- while there is technically a finite supply of aluminum and silicon on the planet, I don’t recall any reports that these getting harder for us to find and extract. But just in case, there is plenty more of both up on Luna should Apple and their evil collaborators at FoxCon(sp?)/Hon Hai Precision Industries manage to strip the Terran crust bare…

      So what are the opportunity costs here? Is a poor child in Sierra Leone going to starve because a hunk of aluminum gets fitted with a screen in China? Is a manic/depressive going to be left untreated in Bangladesh because all of the Lithium is being made into batteries? Probably not. If Apple gear wasn’t being manufactured, the existing plant, resources and capital would be used to churn out other vendors’ gear, rather than bread for the wretched of the earth.

      And who are these “few” who are making a buck? The biggest shareholders are institutions and mutual funds. So it’s not a “few.” It’s a large number of investors from all walks of life. Therefore (even assuming arguendo that we ignore the 10th Commandment and waste any amount of energy or time worrying about how much someone else has) there’s no “issue” with wealth being “unfairly” accumulated by some unnamed “few.”

      (I know- better to just ignore the troll, but at the end of a long workday it’s occasionally fun to plug the questions into a tired mind and see what comes out. Apologies to any whose time was wasted reading this response. We all should have been working for the benefit and betterment of the less fortunate, instead.)

      • “Hmm… Respond to troll? Ignore troll? Respond to troll? Ignore troll? Respond to troll? Ignore troll? Decisions, decisions…”

        Actually, it’s dead simple. Next time, simply ignore the troll. There. Easy.

    • Phoo you

    • Steven Fisher

      I used to hate buying Apple products because they’d all been dipped in spotted owl blood. But now that Apple has switched to seal-based manufacturing, I can buy an iPhone 5 each time I go to the mall guilt-free.

  • Record revenue and profit? Who cares! Every story on my Twitter newsfeed says the missed they multiple predictions! Apple must be doing terrible….dumbasses

  • I’m going to presume Mac sales were down because the iMac has only really started to ship. Their consumer desktop product was MIA for almost the whole quarter.

    • It’s a fair assumption but there’s also the global shift away from Personal Computers in general. That will also contribute to the fall off. (Windows based) PCs will be down even more.

      • Steven Fisher

        A little of A, a little of B I’m sure. I hope that not having iMacs to sell had a bigger impact than fewer people wanting iMacs, though! 🙂

      • Agreed- and add to that one week less. I think Mac sales would have been flat or up they’re regular 2% if they’d had the iMac shipping in volume and had the extra week. As long a Mac can stay ahead of the market, it’s share will continue to grow.

  • Great Googly Moogly. The “Mac is Dead!” posts have already started and the fucking call isn’t even over yet.

    • MacsenMcBain

      I agree with your sentiment entirely, but would respectfully discourage anyone from sending techcrunch any traffic. One might say, in the alternative, “Some idiot at techcrunch already has an article posted about ‘Apple’s Mac Problem’.”

      As noted in comments both here and there, the techcrunch author appears to overlook the fact that the new iMacs were hard to come by.

      • My bad. The title of the article would have sufficed.

      • And I’m waiting to get three Mac Pros when they’re updated. Maybe one for home too!

        • Leicaman, your profligacy sends me into paroxysms of envy and avarice.

          • Buckeyestar

            What he said……I think. 🙂

          • Apple’s in trouble! We must help!

  • So if Apple’s profits shrink down to, say, Amazon’s next quarter, does that mean Cupertino becomes a singularity that destroys the planet?