Tim Cook should be replaced by Jony Ive

Jony Ive is a designer, he’s not an administrator. This guy is a grade A moron. Even he says, “It’s unclear whether Ive has the skills to manage Apple.”

The similarity in our names make me even angrier. Forbes is a complete fucking joke with shit like this.

  • “Falling profits”. Lol.

  • And Samsung offering 80 different smartphone models.

    I bet 95% of people, including Peter Cohan, can’t name 3.

  • stsk

    … and in other news, Mickey Mouse is named CEO of Disney.

  • rattyuk

    Good call, Peter. It is the most moronic article I have read this morning. What is it with Forbes? They certainly want Apple’s share price down before earnings.

    On the good side Apple’s numbers at Verizon were pretty good. 63% of all smartphone sales. Tomorrow could have blow out numbers.

  • I shouldn’t have clicked through to the actual story…

  • gjgustav

    This is why Forbes has become a joke in the tech journalism world.

  • I swear this Forbes piece is Dvorakian horse puckey in which the writer says silly things that even he doesn’t believe just to garner readership. That said, a few points to talk about, because it’s an argument I’ve heard before and frankly it annoys me…almost as much as it does the author of this post.

    First, the problem with the Forbes argument is it rests on the flawed notion that Apple needs another Steve. Life doesn’t work that way. We don’t get another Steve. That’s what made him exceptional. Second, what doesn’t get said enough is this: there is no manual for what Tim Cook inherited. What I see is a guy doing all the right things: surrounding himself with the best, trustable talent and giving them each considerable decision making power. It’s no accident that his memos usually open with the word “team.”

    Also…anyone who think Jony Ive needs more power within Apple probably hasn’t been paying close enough attention to developments within that company in the last few months.

  • Forbes is starting to make Business Insider look legit.

    • Mikey

      Forbes is America’s Digitimes

  • Dave


  • Player_16

    There are about 3 that agree with the guy saying the usual ‘if Tim doesn’t innovate…’

  • Crabbit_Git

    The Forbes piece is idiocy, that is clear.

    How can an industrial designer with no apparent administrative experience be more qualified than a time served supply chain expert?

    Design is nice, its positively good in many applications. The shake up within Apple itself with the working departure of Forstall and Ive taking on responsibility of the Mac OS and IOS interfaces could lead to very good things, but to suggest that qualifies him to oversee the financials, long-lead ordering, prototyping, tooling development, supply chain management only exposes the writer as an idiot.

    This however does not let Tim Cook of the hook, his decision to hire John Browett from the Dixons Group UK to lead Apple Retail was fucking moronic. When that announcement was made, everyone in the UK said “WTF !!! are you mental?”.

  • r2shyyou

    The whole bit (read: verbal refuse) comparing Cook to Jobs is pathetic.

  • Steven Fisher

    The first time I saw an article by Cohan I thought it was you for a few seconds. I got over it pretty quick, but yeah.

  • JohnDoey

    Steve Jobs should be replaced by Jony Ives. Tim Cook is right where he should be.

    Now that Jony Ives is also replacing Scott Forstall, we need to see and hear more from Jony Ives.

  • I’d love to know when Apple was releasing groundbreaking and industry shattering products on a yearly basis.

    The iPod was in 2001

    The iPhone was in 2007, 6 years later

    The iPad was in 2010, 3 year later


  • You know what Ive would do when approached to lead Apple? He would get the fuck out of there. This man looks perfectly content and happy sitting in his studio at Apple, playing around with his big boy toys, designing things.