Montreal college expels student for uncovering data security breach

Dawson College ought to be ashamed of themselves. They’re punishing a guy who did exactly the right thing. He’s already gotten job and scholarship offers, and the school looks like a bunch of bumbling idiots.

  • I used to work there. All I can say is “color me not surprised.”

  • John David

    Nice to see that even after a quarter of a century, Dawson College are still being administered by a bunch of fucking numb nuts!

    This kind of crap was a big reason why I chose to go to Champlain college out of high school instead of Dawson as it had a bad rep even back in the late 70’s!

    I’m glad the kid is getting offers from other institutions. It will, in the end, be Dawson’s loss & someone else’s gain.

  • S.O.P.: Cover your own ass!

  • Franko65

    SkyTech offered him a job to cover their asses. More problematic is his academic record being tarnished if Dawson does not go back on their decision.

  • Mother Hydra

    How is unauthorized pen testing by this chump suddenly not a big deal. Glad he could save a little face but come on, no sec pro would do what he did, not in a million years. Dawson may suck, I cannot very well speak to that but the facts are: he exposed the weakness. He then went to test again, without letting anyone know (HUGE no-no in pen testing). They acted accordingly. So where is the problem? I say throw him in jail and make an example.