Samsung makes fun of Blackberry and iPhone

The message is, why deal with Blackberry and iPhone when you can be more productive with a Galaxy series phone?

  • I watch people use Android devices on a daily basis. It’s sad how long it takes them to do the simplest things.

    • JohnDoey

      And you see the same self-blaming from Windows PC users. Like the phone is perfect, and it is their fault.

      • Stockholm Syndrome still works.

    • Jason

      Talking is what normal people do… And sometimes it is long.. But i guess you are so much in awe of your turd phone that you fail to realize that it is used for talking.

  • Steven Fisher

    Samsung is trying desperately to be hip. In the end, I don’t care if they succeed or not; I don’t use a phone to be hip. But many people do.

  • A bit better than their “Apple hipsters” series. Still pushing the gadget snobbery, of which lots of people incorrectly accused the “Mac vs. PC” ads years ago.

    I like how they feel a need to emphasize security. Because, you know. Android.

  • Sorry, I don’t see this message coming through. Even from the perspective of someone who knows what they’re talking about, I find this ad to be too all-over-the-place to tell me why Samsung’s devices make my life easier.

    • Agreed. I think the message was supposed to be that the S3 can be for home and work, but what came across is that the S3 is for people who just want to goof off at work.

      With the cases they had on all of the iPhones to make them look as bulky as the larger S3, I couldn’t even tell which device they were holding most of the time, so it was hard to figure out which one they were targeting with their glib comments or over-the-top antics. And, strangely, they had more S3 fans acting ridiculously in the commercial than they did BB or iPhone fans. iPhones only had the crazy “respect my system” woman, BB shared that woman with iPhones and also had the sensible guy who was interested in actually getting his work done while at work, while the S3 people were watching sports at work, taking pictures of coworkers balancing bottles on their head, and spouting about security stuff, etc., all of whom were working at a company that’s pretty much the embodiment of bad business practices.

      • I hadn’t noticed the ugly case on the iPhone, but it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to show one in its best light.

        Remember Justin Long as the Mac creative? He was never foolish, snobby, snarky, or contentious in the Apple ads… no matter how self-deluded or pissy Hodgman’s PC management-guy behaved. All Long’s character ever tried to do was help.

        Samsung’s version: a roomful of Bizarro Justin Longs that are almost uniformly detestable. The only two characters who weren’t were women.

        • Player_16

          I think I’ma buy me a hoodie and narrow-leg trousers for work!

  • I personally don’t like Samsung’s advertising but I think it does the job very well. They set themselves up as THE alternative to Apple and as the only choice for Android. You can sell a lot of phones if you’re the only viable alternative to Apple.

  • Frankly, I can’t figure out what this new Samsung ad is trying to say. That said, it does succeed at being convoluted, aimless, and void of a succinct message. Good job Samsung … I guess.

  • They are doing an iPhone game, right?

  • Terrible. Still, nice to see Josh from 30 Rock is getting some work.

  • Tom Lawler

    Remember: this is a company that spends a large fortune on advertisement and marketing, instead of innovation.

  • tylernol

    this ad is convoluted and awful. However, the one funny bit about it is that they use the fired actor from 30 rock as one of their hipster users. Is that the best celebrity they could get with their massive advertising budget?

  • gavin

    why is it that they seems to be trying so hard to be cool ? just don’t like samsung and I think their product are less than what people should expect.

  • This makes sense, because nothing says “stodgy backwards old-school corporation” like a mobile video game studio.

  • lol I have never seen anyone communicate with smartphones when they are in the same freaking room siting right next to each other.

    And who would want to work off a 4 inch screen while there’s a 20 inch desktop right in front of them? really?

    I don’t get the ad. yeah the note is definitely big physically.

  • I get it. It’s the phones for total arseholes with nothing better to do that be a dick to other people because of the phone they choose….

    It’s so clear to me now.

    (I use two phones too)

    (Both iPhones.)

  • bze

    Samsung sucks dick.

  • While the production is nice and all, I don’t get what the message is. I guess it’s another angle on the whole “we’re hip, Blackberry and iPhone is for boring people!” story.

    Personally I find the whole part about Swedish energy drinks borderline offensive. I mean, “Oleg” is the best they could come up with? I’ve never even heard anyone have that name. In fact, I’m not sure it is a name…

  • Canucker

    Samsung is worried about RIM? Next they’ll be making ads mocking the Lumia.

    • RIM still has marketshare to grab. And I imagine there are still BB holdouts in a lot of workplaces.

  • Tom

    Galaxy phone is still ugly

  • Boo

    Considering how successful their phones are Samsung going after Blackberry is rather pathetic. Almost as pathetic as their previous attempts to attract customers by insulting them.

  • So… it’s a phone for goobers who make lame games and can’t schedule their work properly? Ok…

  • JohnDoey

    When your Samsung phone is malfunctioning because of a virus, this makes you feel better.

  • tyr

    Cool, it has a stylus to draw crude circles with. Innovation !