Limiting your kids’ iOS use

Chris Breen at Macworld offers some helpful advice for parents looking to limit their kids’ iOS device use, including configuring your AirPort router to limit network access specifically to those devices during certain hours.

While his instructions are specific to AirPort devices, you can do the same with other routers as well – my Comcast cable modem’s web interface does the same thing.

  • I hope Apple is keeping an eye on Kindle and Windows Phone’s kids modes and adds something similar to iOS7.

  • pgant

    Maybe I’m old ‘skool, but I have never liked the idea of outsourcing to technology the things I feel are my job as a parent. That includes setting limits on internet use. More to the point, we talk about why limits are important. Granted, not everyone has the ability to be at home as often as they would like to do this, so I get why for some it’s a second-best option.

    • Peter Cohen

      I’ve never seen anything wrong with adapting technology to our needs.

  • satcomer

    How about good old fashion parenting and limiting your child’s exposer to technology. Take charge and show that you are the parent.

    • Peter Cohen

      I assume when you made this comment you hadn’t yet read the piece, because that is, in fact, his first suggestion.