Atari U.S. operations file for bankruptcy in spinoff ploy

Ben Fritz, LA Times:

The U.S. operations of iconic but long-troubled video game maker Atari have filed for bankruptcy in an effort to break free from their debt-laden French parent.

Atari was acquired by French video game maker Infogrames in 2003, which later changed its name to Atari S.A. The U.S. part of the business has rebuilt itself as an Web and mobile game publisher. A complex relationship with the parent company in France and London financiers have kept Atari’s U.S. operations from growing more quickly, Fritz reports. The bankruptcy move would unshackle the U.S. organization from its European counterpart and its debt.

  • One friend of mine on Facebook read the Fox News version of this report and panicked.

  • The smart move, if possible, would be to rescue the IP, put it in part back in the hands of cutting-edge smart devs, and stop being massive dicks to other developers (as with the appalling way Vector Tanks Extreme was destroyed, despite it being as similar to Battlezone as Robotron is to Berzerk). Not taking advantage of indies like with that awful Pong competition would also help.

    Here’s hoping.