If you buy this, I will laugh in your face

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet.

  • yep….shocker

  • At what point does it become mandatory to bundle this with a gold chain so you can wear it around your neck ala Flava flav?

    • Box of Cotton Swabs

      That’s sold separately as the Fonblet Phonebelt.

  • Freshmixture

    If you’ve ever heard Jim laugh, it would be worth it

  • tylernol

    I mocked a co-worker to no end in a meeting a few months ago when he showed off his Galaxy Note. So much fun.

    • Boo

      I dunno mate, that seems to be a pretty shitty way to act at work. As silly looking as this device is for normal phone use, there’s no excuse for being a rampant asshole just because someone buys something goofy looking. He made a questionable purchase. You’re just being a cunt.

      • Tom

        He judged his worker’s taste. You judged his action. So what are you? The same?

        • Steven Fisher

          Agreed. If the relationship is right, something like that can be a lot of fun. For both people.

      • tylernol

        oh it was all in good fun. Pretending to cramp up from the weight and topple over, pretending I was shrinking,etc. Did something like that happen to you and you cried in the bathroom afterwords? Suck it up mate. 😉

        He did quit a few months later. I am certain this had nothing to do with it. sort of.

  • Vicky

    Wait till you see phone in “iPad mini”. You would, of course, praise Apple at that point.

    • Peddle loon somewhere else. We are all full up here.

    • lucascott

      It’s already there. it’s called VoIP. Several apps for it.

    • He didn’t see the point of smaller form factor tablets until he got wind that Apple was actively working to launch iPad Mini. Cringeworthy.

      • Or maybe just someone who has changed their mind about something. Maybe Jim’s of the opinion that Apple has made the first good small tablet—which is something to be debated—but there is nothing cringeworthy here.

      • Yes because all opinions are always frozen in time forever.

  • Just don’t laugh at Violet Blue if you see her with one. Because sexism and stuff.

  • Peter Giles

    It’s like holding a book up to your ear. Why would anyone want to look like an idiot?

    • iPod Nanos strapped to wrists proves there is a market for looking like an idiot.

      • Tom

        IPod Nano looks like a watch. Does this look like a phone? Now who’s an idiot.

        • Steven Fisher

          I disagree. I wanted an iPod Nano. I might have even bought the watch band. But I have enough self-awareness to realize I’d look like an idiot wearing it. It didn’t really look like a watch, it looked a lot like a watch might look if imagined by someone who didn’t care about how a watch actually behaved.

          This is said with the greatest respect for the iPod Nano. As I said, i wanted one. And it would have made a decent watch, but it would have been a watch full of compromise and un-watchness.

  • imthedude

    Jim, you won’t be able to see their face to laugh in it.

  • I think carrying one device that acts both as a tablet and a phone is great. If my iPad mini had a phone app I would not mind putting it to my ear at all. So it’s a little big. Big whoop. We will see a phablet from Apple eventually.

    • imthedude

      They make too much sense? You gotta be kidding. There’s NO WAY I would put an iPad mini in my pocket all day at work, if there even was a chance of it fitting. Give me a break. If you want to use skype on it because it’s what you have with you, or your phone is broke, I guess it works but it still looks incredibly ridiculous.

      Why not carry laptops which are 17″ all around, it can double as a table if necessary.

      • I guess we’ll have to disagree. I love just carrying one device. 4.5, 5.5, 6.5 etc… There is a room for all of the screen sizes but the point is carrying one device instead of two.

        I personally loved the size of Note 2 but I am too invested in the Apple ecosystem to go Android now, so I am just waiting until Apple builds one.

        • Tom

          If you like compromise, yes. I’m not. So 2 devices work better for me.

          • Yes my point exactly. It’s about personal preference. Some will want one device that does a little bit of both some will want two.

    • lucascott

      Apple will likely never make a phablet. first because they would be accused of doing it because Samsung etc are so successful that Apple is chasing the market and fear losing.

      Second because it makes more sense to skip the phone and support VoIP. It would just be an extension of FaceTime and iMessage

      • My guess is that they will. I might be wrong. It’s just a guess. These things are like TV. Any size would do. Totally depends on taste. My preference would be a 5.5 inch iPhone.

    • Steven Fisher

      We may an option for making voice calls from cellular iPads one day. I’d like to think Apple has too much taste for this to happen, but it might happen anyway one day. Particularly if Apple loses their sense of taste over the years.

  • Well I’d just use a bluetooth headset with my iPad… I’d love to see the functionality in the iPad with cellular.

    • Yes exactly. If you don’t feel comfortable putting a large device to your ear just get an ear peace.

  • WHAT THE FUCK???? Wasn’t it like two years ago that people wanted smaller, thinner phones? When did it suddenly become hip to carry a 134-pound friggin laptop in your front pocket?

    • Phones were getting smaller and smaller, like up until five or six years ago when everything started going touch screen and getting bigger and bigger. When the original iPhone came out, people thought it looked big compared to all the other phones on the market. Anyone who laughed at the size of the iPhone then must feel pretty stupid now…

      • Tom

        Hmm… iPhone size is pretty normal for a phone, especially compares to this phablet which looks ridiculous. Melodrama much?

  • I’m afraid to click on the link…

    Oh Jaysus….

  • This looks so fucking ridiculous, it’s hard to fathom that people would walk around town, making phone calls on their tablet.

    All joking aside, though, I’d love to have a setup like the people from the alternate Fringe universe: One very small, voice activated phone, not bigger than a current bluetooth headset, and one 7″–8″ tablet for data access.

    • lucascott

      They likely wouldn’t walk around like that. THey would use bluetooth or headphones like many folks do with current phones.

      • Tom

        They still need to carry this big phone around, even when they go out for a little shopping. :shake head:

  • Could you see their face to laugh at?

  • Jim, why wouldn’t it make sense to have the ability to make calls from your iPad? I would love to have that feature in mine. I’d use either my earbuds or speaker phone at that point, but it would be damned handy.

  • Four years in, and the joke is almost a reality.


  • DT

    When I clicked the link and saw the picture of the Fonblet, I was shocked the URL wasn’t http://www.theonion.com ….

  • It’s got a built-in anti-mugging feature. You just brain em with it. WTF Samslong?

  • Vicky

    Read Gruber’s take on this you moron. Try to respect other companies too. http://daringfireball.net/linked/2013/01/18/samsung-big-ass-phones

    • But don’t respect people, eh “moron”?

      Could the trolls at least make an effort to be internally consistent in a single post?

  • Wait. I know what happened: Apple threw out all the stupid design ideas they had. And Samsung stole them. And killed Kenny. You bastards!