See the coolest feature of the 2014 Corvette Stingray

Corvette Mashable:

The 2014 Corvette brings many new features to the design of the iconic sports car: muscular lines, carbon-fiber parts and redesigned tail lights to name a few. But the most head-turning feature may be the…

I left off the “most head-turning feature”. Can you guess what it might be? The new ‘Vette is a top-to-bottom redesign, 450HP and the same in torque, around $50K, muscular look, reintroduced “Stingray” badging, longer, wider, etc, etc. Lots of “new” to this car.

But what does Mashable think is the most head turning feature? Watch the video and tell me at which point do you do what I did – yell, “GET OUT OF THE CAR, GEEK!”

  • Dave

    That is by far the dumbest feature on any car ever. So I retract the screen and fill the resulting cubby hole with my junk. Now I want the screen back up. Do I move that junk to the seat? What if I want to use the USB port and have the screen up at the same time? Dumb.

  • Dennis Madrid

    As a fan of Corvettes all my life, I have to say this latest design is by far the ugliest. It looks like it’s lost so much of what made the Corvette beautiful; sleek streamlined lines, the iconic round tail-lights, etc. I know it’s an entirely subjective opinion, but now it looks like any other modern muscle car, and while that may have been the goal the end result is a car without distinction or soul.

    • Dave

      I completely agree! The Camaro-looking rear end and tail lights are uuuuugly. This car got ugly in 1991 and has stayed ugly since. Chevy still hasn’t come near the beauty of this design:

    • I’m not the fan you are but the design, especially the tail, looks very derivative of a Mustang/Ferrari hybrid ass. Not impressive.

    • Lyn

      I agree. Kinda looks like a terminator car to me. I don’t care for it. I have an 07 and I am very pleased with it. Where in the world can you find one of these things for 50.000.00? The cheapest one I have seen is 56.000.00 and it was used with more than 50 thousand miles. Try 72.000.00-109.000.00 new. I also had an 04 and I wish I had kept it. Loved the interior and sleekness.

  • Kyle Braund

    The guy’s knees are about to hit his chin

  • itsgene

    “Besides being übercool, the hidden space has a clandestine aspect — hard for anyone to steal objects within if they don’t even know it’s there.” Well, they know now.

  • bobrk

    The Camaro butt sucks. Totally not a Corvette.

  • I couldn’t get past the pre-roll ad that played before the video started, so…

  • What a colossal tool

  • Dave

    I hope there is a tie down in they cubby, for your plugged in device, or it Will see some high G impacts.

  • JDSoCal

    I’m a 2011 C6 owner, which I think is beautiful, but they really screwed the pooch on the taillights.