Kaleidoscope 2

Use Kaleidoscope to spot the differences in text, images, and folders. Review and merge changes in seconds with the world’s most advanced file comparison application.

Great looking app from the folks at Black Pixel.

  • adrianoconnor

    Wondering whether or not to try it out myself. I’m always looking for a good diff tool that doesn’t cost an outrageous amount. It’s on sale right now (until Jan 30th) with 50% off, so might be worth a shot… I don’t think Xcode supports third party diff tools, but I know GitBox has an option for Kaleidoscope.

    • I use it with GitBox, and I can’t tell you how useful it’s been for code diffs. It’s also been really useful for diff’ing different versions of huge .doc files (requirements) sent to me by clients, so I can detect their changes easily without needing to go through the whole doc again (can’t tell you how many days of work that’s saved me).

  • eugenekim

    One thing I’ve noticed though, as a PC user at work. Mac developers don’t really emphasize that they are Mac only apps, but the user feels the Mac vibe just from the look and feel of the website.

    • It’s called “good graphic design.”