Hearst will release iPad versions of magazines before print

Hearst on Thursday posted 20 of its magazines on Apple’s Newsstand and said the iPad versions of the magazines would be available before they are released in print.

A note on the App Store on the Hearst page reads: “Subscribe to these Newsstand magazines and read them on your iPad before they appear in print or any other digital edition.”

Magazines available in Newsstand include Cosmopolitan, Food Network Magazine, Car & Driver, Popular Mechanics, Road & Track, Esquire and Good Housekeeping, among others.

  • That’s actually pretty normal. The app store review process is much shorter – almost instant – on subscribed Newsstand products, so that magazines could be published on a daily basis.

    But because single copies can get stuck in the review limbo for days or even weeks, issues have to be sent to Newsstand about the same time they are sent to be printed. This is done so that the single copies hit the Newsstand and the physical real-world newsstands at the same time.

    A side effect of this is that Newsstand subscribers get the issue well in advance, often a week before. That’s how it’s done in our company, at least.

  • racing fan

    A step in the right direction, but I don’t think Hearst is out of the dark ages yet. I have a print subscription to Road & Track and there’s an option to switch to digital… so I did. Thing is, it doesn’t become a Newsstand magazine, it becomes a Zinio magazine. Yes, they publish two different digital versions… So there’s still only The Magazine in my Newsstand app…