Fuck off Google

Steven Levy talking to Google CEO Larry Page:

Wired: Steve Jobs felt competitive enough to claim that he was willing to “go to thermonuclear war” on Android.

Page: How well is that working?

Android is a stolen product and you know it.

  • Jim is such a fanboy.

    • Jim H

      Oh my god… no!!!! Is it true? Could it be? Say it isn’t so. Idiot.

  • Best. Title. Ever.

    • Mother Hydra

      I chuckled again looking at the URL

  • Larry Page is fucking pathetic, just like the Google Android sheep that follow him.

    • Mother Hydra

      also see how pathetic he is that he lets Eric walk all over him. You can see who wears the pants at Google

  • Domicinator

    I just read some of the interview–he later goes on to say how happy they are with how Google+ is doing. Based on that, I think you can take the rest of the article with a grain of salt.

  • Ben Randolph

    I think Jim is in one of his moods today.

  • tylernol

    Apple is printing $. Android is a money pit for Google and has zero penetration in China (Baidu’s version of it does Google no good) , Google Plus is a colossal failure, and Facebook Graph Search is going to kill Google AdSense(as well as yelp,etc). Larry is delusional.

    • sir1963nz

      I doubt it, Facebook is as trustworthy as google…NOT.

      I have seen Facebook generating “likes” for people I know and when I have asked them they did NOT “like” that company, it was simply another way of pushing an advert. I am pleased I never gave much information to Facebook right from the start, but they are at the point where an alternative that has better ethics would see me swap.

      Where I can I use alternative search engines, but reality is none as a good as google (yet), so I keep going back.

      Adsense is loosing out already, people have been swamped with ads and are becoming immune to them and as they become less effective they loose their value so the price per view/per click drops. When you add in the likes of Siri and the alternatives which are sucking away a lot of the search (and hence revenue), then you see why google may be worried.

      • tylernol

        I have tried using duckduckgo, it is just not there yet. Hard to break free from google.

  • jimbotomy

    I find the juxtaposition of this post and the previous one interesting. My only comment is that they both seem to be for money losing propositions, although one is on a scale several million times greater than the other.

    • Mother Hydra

      should be neat to see what happens in a year when no one but samsung can extract money from the android stone.

  • It’s working awesome for Apple. Apple prints money while Google has lost around $12b from Android. Samsung is kicking ass too. But not Google.

    • We don’t really know if Samsung is kicking ass or not. they won’t break smartphone revenues out and they will only say shipped, not sold numbers.

  • I like a lot of what Google does, but when most of your success comes from copying or acquiring other companies, and your last truly original idea (PageRank) is almost old enough to vote, maybe a little humility is in order.

  • yeah.. like apple stole the GUI idea from xerox. who cares? I love apple products and the iphone but this google bashing is just stupid.

      • ok they paid them a little money. but I don’t think enough for the fucking idea of GUI. and that concept was a bit bigger than the iphone i think.

        • Mother Hydra

          wrong, xerox felt it was fair enough. If it was worth more they should have had the business acumen to ask more for it. Google is in a shady grey area here, but that is where they like it, based on their history. Just look at VP8…

        • First off, at the time, “that concept” was not big at all. You need to remember that it was entirely unproven in the real-world and was not at all obvious in the way it is today. In fact, among those aware of it, it was derided by many as being a mere novelty with no use; it was something that got in the way of using the computer to those people.

          Second, what you think was fair compensation is utterly irrelevant and not at all your call to make. The fact is, Apple compensated Xerox prior to the visit and Xerox agreed. And the compensation was fairly substantial at that (an option on 100,000 shares of pre-IPO Apple stock), particularly for a visit that may or may not produce any fruit (pun not intended) for Apple.

          • look, I’m not a google fanboy or anything like that. If you read the bio of jobs it’s clear that jobs saw the potential of GUIs as soon as he saw it at xerox parc. so essentially he copied the concept and the rest is history. my main point simply is: google is not the only one who copies things. they made the same thing as apple… copy and improve. and if you now look at iOS and android you see two highly different mobile os. to call it stolen is simply bullshit.

          • sir1963nz


            read it and you will see the BIG difference between Apple/Xerox and IOS/Android

          • interesting article, I can see your point

          • Player_16

            Sanity, thank you.

          • Nat5150

            Apple stole the GUI. Okay, maybe they didn’t steal it but they sure didn’t pay enough for it. Actually, it’s not even stealing.

            THAT’S the way you debate.

          • sir1963nz

            Apple PAID a sum that was acceptable to both parties, if it was not enough then it was up to Xerox to say no. Xerox obviously thought at the time it was enough. Both sides made a mutually acceptable trade.

            Given then how differentiated Apples GUI was from the Xerox one and how Apple was already working on GUIs before jobs ever went to PARC it was probably fair price.

            Google however paid nothing, offered nothing and copied everything they could. Before the iPhone it looked like a Blackberry rip off, after…well we all saw how quickly it changed.

            You can see there is a clear difference in ethics involved in the 2 situations.

    • Player_16

      We’ve been down this (copy) road so many times… Why you bring it up, huh?

  • By that token, isn’t the Mac OS stolen? At a certain point it stops being “theft” and becomes copying good ideas. Jobs himself said so.

    • Matt

      You must think paying for something equals stealing.

    • For one, Apple compensated Xerox for the right to visit PARC and use the concepts that they saw there. And they did it prior to the visit, so nothing was ever stolen.

      Second, you mangled the quote and got the meaning of it completely backwards. Jobs quoted Picasso when he said, “bad artists copy, good artists steal.” It’s referring to the fact that bad artists blindly copy without truly owning something and understanding what makes it great, whereas good artists recognize what makes something great, takes those ideas (i.e. steals them), and incorporates them into their own works.

      Google is fairly solidly in the bad artist category, in that they seem to be institutionally incapable of recognizing and refining greatness (at least with regards to product design; I have high regard for their engineers crafting the various algorithms at the core of many of their products). They’ll oftentimes throw things at the wall to see what sticks, rather than being able to see something great, recognize what makes it great and why it makes it great, then produce their own spin on the idea that preserves the greatness.

    • Player_16

      Oh for fuck sake!

    • sir1963nz

      You should read up on some facts from people who were actually involved at the time. http://www.mackido.com/Interface/ui_horn1.html , but then its like Evolution vs the Creationist museum, the creationists wilfully distort the facts and truth to fit their belief.

  • sir1963nz

    Google did not steal Android is like Armstrong did not take performance enhancing drugs.

  • Mother Hydra

    every time this comes up, the question is dodged.

  • It’s working quite well as that punk Page knows. Nobody is making money from Android except Samsung and they won’t say how much. The rest are losing millions.

  • Jason Ip

    so much jealousy in this thread, obviously Android is getting to Apple sheep. You can just feel the emotion

  • Androidappleman

    All of you need a girlfriend.Pathetic is what comes to mind. How many of you have a stake in either? They are competitors and it makes them have to make better products for us to buy and enjoy. I have an iPad and an s3 and a windows 8 PC. And when apple makes a better phone ill buy that. Don’t give these companies your loyalty cause they would sell you a handful of shit if you’d buy it. Buy the best regardless of brand, that’s what drives this fucked up economy to produce stuff other than shit handfuls.

  • Well,

    I most certainly don’t know if Android is stolen. i’ve never used it. Oracle lost the case, so the actual question is:

    What’s Apple gonna do about it?

    Google’s also taking over iOS, their apps work, and work well. Now, we know that GOOG can’t be trusted, it’s like having your calendar in the hands of used car salesmen. But wait! Wait!

    Apple allows those stinking data pimps at facebook access to my formerly hardware! What the fuck? It’s the only company worse than GOOG, who at least bothered to give me tons of free stuff for years!

    Google saw a company staggering, and they buzzed on over and battened on to the exposed vein and is bleeding Apple dry. Apple tried to swing it’s weight around, and now they get sued constantly, like how the Allies used poison gas against the Germans in WW1, who used it first.

    Don’t start fights you can’t finish. This lesson only needs to be taught a few times.

    Advice: Take a half year and fix all the bugs, make all the apps rock solid.

    Advice: Dry your tears and start differentiating technically. The lawyers are so-so, give the money to the devs, before falling stock prices, our worst nightmare when they hold our data make them do something really stupid.

    • sir1963nz

      Advice: Try writing stuff that is coherent to other people.

  • Luke

    So much for writing.

  • The Silver Fox

    Page’s “How well is that working?” comment was puerile, but then again, so was Job’s threat of “thermonuclear war”. Maybe it’s time to move on.

  • Google is built upon theft. Take youtube for example. It’s a fact that many people don’t bother buying music anymore because it’s all there on YT. Type in ‘full album’ into YouTube search – quite a list!

    • Tvaddic

      Yes and when I search for the weather, I’m secretly hoping a forecast with a stolen satellite comes up.

  • Good artists copy, great artists steal*.

    • Obviously this should only not apply when Apple is the victim of the stealing.
  • Lulz

  • Gazanfar Khan

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  • Gazanfar Khan

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  • jjkogel01

    google+….? isn’t that like an oxymora or something? Let me see like Military Intelligence or governmental accountability. OH I get it now… he was making a joke google+ oh that’s a good one… that’s so funny he has a great sense of humor!!!!!