FAA proposes ban on flight personnel playing Angry Birds


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a proposal to make it illegal for pilots and flight attendants to use wireless electronics during flight operations including mobile and hand-held devices and laptops.

The proposal excludes electronic devices related to flight operations, so airlines that are replacing printed flight manuals with iPads are excluded. This is more aimed at keeping flight attendants, pilots and other personnel from being distracted by their own personal electronics while flying.

The article points out that this has no bearing on another proposal to enable passengers to use electronic devices during take offs and landings.

  • Mayson

    Forgot to read: why doesn’t Disqus have a delete option?

  • lucascott

    Actually it makes sense to have spelled out penalties for those folks found to be using devices for goofing off while working. Lives are possibly at stake when you are staff on a plane in flight.

    Yes one would hope that staff are smart enough and mature enough to understand that a company provided iPad is a tool and not a toy but lets face it, someone would prove ‘us’ wrong on that front if they aren’t flat out told what they can and can’t do.