The market wants Apple to unveil a time machine

Harvard Business Review:

The critics that are screaming right now are intellectually lazy. They’re throwing temper tantrums instead of looking at the big picture. Like two-year-olds, they don’t really know what they want. And they’re not happy when they get it, anyway. Apple could unveil a new car and they’d say Apple’s days are over because it’s just bet its future on an industry it knows nothing about. Not unlike, say, Apple’s entrance into the mobile phone industry. I bet that if Apple did unveil a time machine, they’d claim it wasn’t fast enough.

Tim Cook is taking exactly the right approach, staying the course, despite distracting expectations swirling around him. Apple is a marvel of human achievement.

Don’t worry, Apple fans. This too shall pass.

  • Domicinator

    I love that over the last couple of days, reason has returned. All this BS was triggered by a stupid WSJ story. Unbelievable. What can Apple do BUT stay the course?

  • Hearing people called themselves as ‘critics’ telling why Apple is failing and how soon Apple will collapse…

    I just think they’re all idiots who doesn’t know shit about Apple.

  • “marvel of human achievement” might be taking it a little far, but I do agree with the sentiment.

    • “marvel of human achievement” might be taking it a little far

      I disagree. Apple’s hardware is the end point of a series of technological achievements that started with the first punch card computers and the vacuum tube. We carry around computers in our pocket more versatile than anything ever conceived of in science fiction and “make amazing things happen by pointing at it with our fingers like goddamn wizards.”

    • A perfectly reasonable opinion. Here’s an idea.

      Let’s put you in a new production of “1950 House,” which I’m notionally producing for PBS in my imagination. You get to continue living your public life, but you must exist for 60 days without any personally-owned technology that was invented after 1960. Perhaps you might feel differently after we see six full hour-long episodes of you (or someone similarly privileged) complaining nonstop about how disconnected you feel from the entire world.

      • “complaining nonstop about how disconnected you feel from the entire world.”

        Already happening. See the whiny Paul Miller on The Verge.

        “At CES I was on a Venetian hotel couch, feet away from a pair of $107K speakers. I was unhappy.”

        • It just had to be The Verge, didn’t it?


  • lucascott

    Apple is getting the last laugh. The next Terminator is going to look just like Steve Jobs, proof that Apple is secretly building SkyNet as we speak.