Smart homes

Rene Ritchie outlines what an LG smart home would look like and wonders how Apple will fit into that future.

  • I think people have the threat backwards: It’s not “what will Apple do if people buy a lot of LG products that only work with Android or other devices” but, rather, “who can afford to compete with fridges and ovens and vacuums that don’t come with an iOS version of the app to control them”.

    • Joe

      I admit I didn’t read the entire article carefully, but isn’t the mention of Android only in reference to the OS running on the appliance, rather than saying that the remote-control apps will only run on Android phones? I doubt LG or anyone else would be foolish enough to leave out an iOS version of the remote-control app… and I can’t imagine a technological reason why an iOS app couldn’t communicate just fine over the internet with an Android-based appliance.

  • lucascott

    The beauty of Apple’s way of doing things is that they aren’t trying to control everything. Sure there might be a plus to someone like Samsung making that fridge, and tv, and whatever plus your phone. But what happens when someone makes a better fridge and you can’t use it in your system the same way. Not you have to pick your system or the better fridge. With Apple, they have SDKs that let anyone create an app that works so you can have that Samsung TV, LG fridge, Philips lights, indie company thermostat, iphone triggered door lock and so on. Or none of it and not be a lazy ass sitting on the couch scratching your balls Homer Simpson style